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Practicing Large Landscape Conservation
Remembering J.B. Jackson
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Industrial Landscape Evolution
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September 16-19
World Canals Conference in Toulouse, France

September 18-21
AASLH Annual Conference in Birmingham, Alabama


October 30 - Nov 2

National Trust for Historic Preservation Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana

Soapstone Prairie Natural Area
Soapstone Prarie
Soapstone Prairie. Photo: City of Fort Collins
Soapstone Prairie Natural Area lies outside Fort Collins, Colorado. It is home to vibrant and rare plant and animals communities, as well as significant archaeological and historic sites dating from 13,000 B.P to the early 20th century.The area is also dotted with the remains of European settlers - homestead era camps, buildings from the ranching period and even a schoolhouse. Learn more about this landscape, including the partnerships that aided in its protection.
Living Landscape Observer
Practicing Large Landscape Conservation

What are the common elements of successful large landscape projects? Are you looking for resources and case studies on this approach to conservation, preservation and community development? This post includes ideas and resources from a variety of initiatives, including a bibliography of recent studies and evaluations. Read more.

Remembering  J. B. Jackson
A thoughtful and personal remembrance of J.B. Jackson, among the most influential thinkers and writers on landscape in the 20th century. What can we learn from Jackson during this season of summer road trips and explorations. Read more.  
Albany's Downtown and Tomorrow's Prospects
How can cities get creative in planning futures that draw on tangible assets of the past, like buildings and other infrastructure, as well as on new and emerging technologies like crowdsourcing? Thoughts on how communities in New York State are approaching these questions and challenges. Read more.
Landscape Evolution: Change Over Time
The landscape surrounding Carrie Furnaces, a National Historic Landmark in Rankin, Pennsylvania, has dramatically changed in the decades since the U.S. Steel Works in nearby Homestead dominated the nation's industrial production. Thoughts on why this change is important and how it enhances interpretation of the site's story. .
In the News

U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, D-LA included a provision in the Senate State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill to pay the U.S.'s World Heritage Fund dues. The bill with this amendment cleared the Appropriations Committee on Thursday July 25. This action could help clear the path for the Poverty Point Archeological Site in Louisiana to become inscribed as a World Heritage Site.


NOAA has published a special issue of its magazine Sanctuaries focused on the relationship between Marine Protected Areas and Indigenous peoples.


The Arts on Fire Festival brings the historic Iron Furnaces in Scranton, Pennsylvania to life casting iron and making art. A collaborative project, it includes partners such as Keystone College, the Anthracite Heritage Museum, arts organizations and programs for at risk youth. Many thanks to Natalie Gelb at the Lackawanna Valley Heritage Authority (a National and State heritage Area) for sharing this video highlighting the event!

The Arts on Fire Festival 2013
The Arts on Fire Festival 2013
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Our Mission: To provide observations and information on the emerging fields of landscape scale conservation, heritage preservation and sustainable community development.