February 2013

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Featured Landscape: The Great Allegheny Passage
Gullah Geechee Corridor Update
Heritage Area Evaluations
FDR and the Liberty of the Community
George Wright Conference
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March 11-15
George Wright Society Biennial Conference in Denver, Colorado

April 12-13

Fabos Conference on Landscape and Greenway Planning in Amherst, Massachusetts

April 14-16
National Main Street Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana

Pennsylvania's Lower Susquehanna River

The Susquehanna River, at 464 miles, is one of the longest on the east coast, flowing through three states, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. A part of the river that is now receiving attention is the stretch that borders Lancaster and York Counties in Pennsylvania. It is a dramatic landscape with high points, gorges, and broad river reaches as well as a rich cultural legacy, including a nationally significant story of life in the region before European contact. Learn more about the Lower Susquehanna here.  


Living Landscape Observer
Gullah Geechee Corridor Starts a Journey
The management plan for the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor is done. There is only one step left, the Secretary of Interior has to ink in his, or maybe now her, name on a letter of approval. So what lies ahead for this internationally significant landscape? Read more.
Positive Findings in Heritage Area Evaluations
A recent report summarizing the evaluations of twelve National Heritage Areas (NHA) found very positive outcomes, in both programmatic and financial management. The independent assessments concluded that NHA's successfully leveraged National Park Service funding for a wide array of preservation, conservation and recreation projects and programs in their respective regions.  Read more.

In a related post, thoughts on the importance of heritage areas to preserving the recent industrial history of Pennsylvania.
Liberty of the Community
A reflection on the contemporary relevance of Franklin D. Roosevelt's conservation ethics. What might we learn today from FDR's idea of the liberty of the community. Read More.
Large Landscapes at George Wright Conference
The George Wright Society holds its conference every other year and it is the place to catch up on the latest trends in protected areas management. The 2013 conference Protected Areas in a Changing World will be held in Denver, Colorado from March 11-15. Look for sessions on federal landscape scale policy initiatives, a report on international cultural landscape efforts, and the emerging concept of Indigenous Cultural Landscapes. If you want to meet up in Denver with folks from the Living Landscape Observer to share your thoughts, email us.
In the News

The imminent budget sequestration will likely have significant impacts on a variety of programs related to living landscapes. Here are a few places to learn more about what could happen -

The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) on how the sequester could hurt local economies in and around NPS units.

An article on cuts to the National Parks from the Washington Post

A news story on Sally Jewell, President of REI, picked by President Obama as nominee for the Secretary of the Interior.

Alliance of National Heritage Areas announces reintroduction of
National Heritage Area Act of 2013 (H.R. 445) 

Also, a recent news story on large actions and demonstrations in Washington, D.C. earlier in February related to the proposed Keystone Pipeline.

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