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Accelerating Cash Flow through every stage of the recovery process!

Will a certified collector recover more money?
Receivables Control is in its third decade of certifying collectors.  The decision to test and certify our collectors was an easy one.  We know that with training and education we will collect your money, more quickly and with minimal complaints.    
That being said, the certification process is not quick or easy.  Training starts on day one of an employee's tenure and certification isn't completed until a year later.  Training covers a variety of topics including:    
  • Receivables Control and the collection industry:  Training starts with each employee learning the history of our company, the products and services we offer and our place in the industry as a top service provider.
  • Compliance:  Of special focus is our NO-COMPLAINT policy.  We believe that collection professionals should collect clients' money without generating complaints.  Complaints waste our client's valuable time and are disruptive to our collection chances.  Our negotiation techniques focus on motivating people to pay, not belittling people to the point of frustration.     

  • Collection Standards:  This subject matter lays out the recovery goals we expect our collectors to achieve.  It also covers the daily activities each collector must follow to collect their quotas.  Standards are set for telephone contacts, electronic payments, debtor contacts and account agings.
  • Collection Strategy:  The strategy section covers the techniques and tactics for getting debtors on the phone, reading the situation and the debtor to employ the best methods to maximize recovery on each account.  Our professionals must be skilled at collecting money from debtors with very aggressive personalities, motivating payments from debtors that are passive and "counseling" debtors that are experiencing financial hardships to find the best payment solutions.

  • Settlements:  It's not enough to throw out a number to settle an account.  Before we recommend our clients accept a settlement, the collection professional has taken steps to maximize each settlement.  Among the information we seek:
    • Is there any validity to the customer's dispute?  Has our client already addressed/resolved the issue?
    • What is the debtor's financial background, i.e. are there suits, judgments, tax liens and other negative marks that support a decision to settle?
    • What's the maximum lump sum we can collect?
    • After all is considered, the collection manager makes a call to increase/firm up the settlement offer.  Only then do we present the settlement to our client for approval.
  • Research and Investigation:  Our collectors learn the best methods to gather the business intelligence they need to find debtors and collect money.  They study the legal structure of business entities and how it impacts the debtors' liability.  They learn about each debtor's suit history so that we can assess whether or not a settlement is warranted or if suit is a better option for recovery.  They learn the best methods for finding leads on the web and they learn how to interact with our research staff to do even deeper searches on companies.  We believe the more tools that we have available to our collectors, the better their odds at finding debtors and maximizing recoveries.  
  • Communication/Reporting:  Our collectors provide written and oral updates to clients with account status reports, suit and settlement recommendations, and closing letters.  What differentiates Receivables Control from others is our collectors' ability to take all that they learn about a situation and provide clients with timely, informative reporting.

Once certification training is complete, each collection professional must pass the certification test.  If you ask any Receivables Control veteran, training and education doesn't stop there.  We have weekly training sessions where even our seasoned pros continue to learn something new.  Continual learning is a cornerstone of our culture!

Industry Warning!

It's amazing how quickly sound credit decisions can turn sour.  Imagine if your company had to start selling its product for 1/2 price!  This is what happened in the US Oil Industry.  This September, a barrel of WTI Crude Oil is trading in the $45 range.  One short year ago the price was $89!    


To say this has caused belt tightening is an understatement.  For many companies in the industry it's survival mode right now.  Lay offs, payment holds, purchasing holds, and bank pressure are all part of the equation.  Bank financing has all but dried up.  The low prices wreak havoc with revenue, but they also negatively impact asset values.  Getting financing is all but impossible.  All this pressure is starting to spill into the industries that support Oil, i.e. transportation, construction, etc.   


Our Asset Recovery Group has seen its work increase sharply in oil related industries in 2015.  We are seeing previously well-established companies fold quickly and the list of bankruptcy filings is growing daily.  


What can you do to protect your portfolio?   


Ensure any AR you have with oil companies is reviewed weekly.  If you are extending terms to this industry, make sure you do your homework to support your decisions.  The biggest, most well-established companies may be able to ride out the low prices, but there are hundreds of small and medium sized companies that are high risk.


  • Gather fresh financials and refresh your credit applications.
  • Review and reset your credit limits.
  • Review and reset your terms.
  • Use extreme caution when granting new credit.  Be wary of new customers that are cut off from other suppliers for non-payment.


Most importantly, act quickly and decisively.  When you suspect previously good paying customers are starting to delay, take steps to recovery your money quickly.  Extended payment plans are not a good option as the amount of problems these companies are facing is enormous.  You need your account prioritized so that you are not "waiting in line" for months, only to never recover your money.  Time is of the essence, so if you aren't seeing the performance you desire, we are here to help you!  

Client Spotlight:  Stryker

Diane Luis, Ann Wong, and Jim Fritz.
Receivables Control has assisted Stryker with its accounts receivable for a decade.  Jim Fritz works with Stryker associates from all across the US and in September, Jim had a chance to visit Ann Wong and Diane Luis with Stryker Endoscopy in San Jose.   
Ann Wong started with Stryker in 2005 after graduating from UC Davis with a degree in Managerial Economics.  Throughout her tenure at Stryker, Ann has taken on more and more responsibilities.  She began her career as a Credit Services Associate, and has worn many hats since that time including Business Analyst, Senior Financial Analyst in the General Accounting department and her current position as Associate Financial Services Manager.
Ann values time with her family.  Her brother, sister, and parents all live within 45 minutes of each other so they enjoy many family get-togethers.  Ann was born in Yangon, Myanmar, (formerly Rangoon, Burma) and her family moved to San Francisco during the 1988 pro-democracy student protests.  
Diane Luis graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2003.  After working a short time for a property management company, she was referred by a friend to Stryker in 2004.
Diane's entire career with Stryker has been in the Financial Services Department where she started as a Credit Collection Associate and has been promoted to Coordinator, then Team Lead, and finally to Supervisor.  Much of Diane's focus is project based.  She works closely with the team responsible for implementing system and process changes.
Diane and her husband have two daughters, Venessa and Ashley who are 5 and 2.  The entire family enjoys activities surrounding the Portugese culture such as carnivals and folklore. Diane was born and raised in Santa Clara and still calls it home to this day.
All of us at Receivables Control would like to thank Ann, Diane and the entire Stryker team for the opportunity to build a partnership with such a great company!    
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Associate Spotlight!
Corey Bustrom congratuates Sheri Barnes on 10 years of service.

Sheri Barnes
recently celebrated her 10th anniversary with Receivables Control's consumer agency, Advantage Collection Professionals. Sheri came to Advantage after many years in the banking industry.   She has taken her knowledge of banking and applied it to Advantage's business model as customer service, accuracy and compliance are paramount at a successful consumer collection agency.
Sheri leads our Consumer Sales Team and has been recognized many times for contributing to our success.  Sheri has built a clientele which includes some of the most highly regarded colleges and medical centers.
Outside of the office Sheri loves the outdoors and spends a lot of time camping, fishing, and hunting with her husband.
Congratulations Sheri!

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