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      July 2011

Receivables Control has provided corporate clients B2B receivables solutions since 1970.  Our services go far beyond traditional collections; the General Auditing Bureau provides pre-collection services to assist clients in holding collection costs in check and the Professional Services Group provides an array of services including outsourcing, portfolio liquidations, portfolio purchases, and education. 

Get More Done With Less Resources


Let Us Do Your Busy Work

The marketplace continues to undergo massive change and undoubtedly you are asked to accomplish more with less resources.  Do you ever feel like you and your staff are really working for your collection agency?   In some agency relationships, referring an account to collections requires that the creditor be at the beck and call of the agency. 

You might be asked to supply invoices, proofs of delivery, or other documents.  You may even be required to research payment history and report payments.  All this requires time!  Below are simple things you can do to save time and help us recover more of your money faster.


Automated Placements


If you place a volume of accounts to an agency, ensure that you are placing accounts in an efficient method.  Placing by spreadsheet is the simplest format for most credit professionals.  Simply download the information in a database-friendly format and we will upload the information directly into our system.  It helps us collect your money sooner and saves you from filling out the placement paperwork for each claim. 


On-line Access


Some companies allow Receivables Control to access their computer systems so we can view accounts and source our own documentation, i.e. print invoices, access proofs of delivery, verify payments and more.  If you are supplying this information manually, then you may be working for your agency!   With system access, Receivables Control takes this "to do" off of your plate.  It is possible to grant on-line access and at the same time maintain your company's data security.  




Are you getting the type of reporting that you really need?  Do you require an individual report for each write off? Are you able to better use information about uncollectible accounts if it is sent to you in a format you can upload?  Let us show you how we can streamline reporting to make your job easier!  


Email us to learn how we will save you time and streamline your agency relationship! 

Can I turn non-performing AR into cash?

Selling a portfolio of receivables is one way to turn a non-performing AR asset to cash.  Depending on your situation this may be an appealing solution; however, it is not the first option for most entities that are able to collect their money over time. 


Through Receivables Control's Professional Services Group, we 

Does selling receivables make sense?

provide clients with cash for accounts receivable.  This alternative makes the most sense when there is an urgency to liquidate a business' assets or when a business unit has been sold or acquired and you want to make a clean break between "old" and "new" AR.   


Customers of the Professional Services Group tend to be lenders and trustees.  Each of these professionals find themselves in scenarios where it can be advantageous to sell accounts receivable, just as they might liquidate the other "hard" assets of the defunct company.  


The Professional Services Group will purchase AR on a non-recourse basis after performing brief due diligence.  Email us to learn more about turning your receivables into cash.   




Question Mark

What does Receivables Control do that I can't? 

Cynical about results?


Treat your agency as an extension of your internal efforts. Be confident in your staff's ability to collect your company's money, but know when to bring in experts.  Have you ever thought about what Receivables Control does that you don't do?


The first rule in working with an agency is to view the relationship as mutually beneficial.  If you don't have such a relationship with your agency, it is time to find a new business partner!     



Urgency is key! Whether the account is large or small, our job is to motivate the customer to pay.  How do we do this?  We assign a collection professional who has time to call the account frequently. How often is frequently?  Many times a week and in some instances, it is many times a day.  We have the time to get to the "root" of issues in our quest to find a solution (payment).  Most of our clients tell us that they can only make so many calls per month and they just don't have the time to get to everyone.   




Collecting isn't just about the frequency of your calls, it is also about the effectiveness.  Do your internal collectors think about strategy?  The hallmark of our service is that we have time to think about the best method to make contact with your customer.  In this age of technology, some customers go to great lengths to avoid their obligations.  We find the best method to contact people whether it is at their business, at another location, on their cell phone, at home, or somewhere else.  We think about the best time to call: is it in the morning, on the weekend, in the evening, or during the day?  Our success in collecting your money is very dependent on our ability to find and contact people.  The impact of our contacts with customers is maximized by our ability to call frequently and in finding the best location to talk to the customer.


Knowledge is Power


Information plays a big part in developing the best strategy to collect your funds.  At Receivables Control we have a thirst for information. The more we gather, the better our collection results will be.  Is the account in business or not?  Does the company have suits pending?  Are there judgments from other creditors?  Are there tax liens?  What assets does the customer have?  Is a settlement necessary to motivate payment?  Will suit be advised if the customer doesn't respond?  As we gather this information, it helps us provide you the best service by surfacing the customer's true ability to pay and by identifying the hot-buttons that will motivate the customer to find the money to pay you.




Getting your account paid requires that we motivate the customer to prioritize your debt.  For whatever reason, your debt has taken on less importance for the customer.  Our purpose is to create urgency to get your debt to the top of the list and get you paid.  


Receivables Control smothers accounts from every angle and your customers will know it.  We like to say our efforts are professionally persistent.  Use us as an extension of your credit department when your internal efforts aren't yielding you the results you desire! 

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Isaac Hjermstad recently celebrated his 10th anniversary with Receivables Control!  It's been an impressive and successful decade for Isaac!  After earning his degree at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, Isaac joined us in a trainee position and has worked his way to becoming our top performing
Collection Professional.  Isaac has been named Receivables Control Employee of the Year three times!  Congratulations Isaac!

Industry Update


The Commercial Collection Agency Association reports that through the first quarter of 2011, the number of accounts placed for collection in the previous year is down 19.7% from the 12 months ending in March of 2010.  The dollars referred to collections are down 21.1%.  These numbers seem to be a reflection of the general condition of the US economy. 

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