February 2015    


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Receivables Control Turns 45!

As Receivables Control starts our 45th successful year of business, it's a good time to reflect on what makes that possible.  Our February update is dedicated to some of our fantastic employees as well as client partnerships we are very proud of.  As simple as it sounds, that really is what has made us the company we are today: top-notch employees and client partners.  

Core values are easy to write down, but much harder to follow.  At Receivables Control we believe in:



It is not a coincidence that Integrity is the first word listed in our core values. Whether we are dealing with debtors, customers or vendors, Receivables Control prides itself in working with 100% integrity. There is no gray area here and we expect perfection in this area. Our clients place their trust in us when handling their customers and money and we do not take that responsibility lightly. 


Long Term Partnerships


You will note that our theme in this newsletter is centered around the longevity that we enjoy with our employees, our customers, and our vendors as well.  In my 33 years at Receivables Control, I am most proud of the relationships that I have with so many great people. Each person on my senior management team has been with me more than 20 years and many of our clients are in their 5th decade of doing business with us. More than half of our employees have been with us over 5 years. This type of commitment to long term thinking is what allows us to deliver the consistent results and service that our clients expect. 




This is another area that our clients tell us we are different from the competition. Receivables Control adheres to a strict no complaint policy in dealing with debtors, has a professional office and dress code and simply does not function as your "typical collection agency."  Our employees and clients see us as much more than just a collection agency.  To employees, we are a company through which you can both build a career and give our clients the benefit of having motivated, passionate, and engaged collection representation.    




Receivables Control prides itself in being innovative in delivering solutions to our clients. Our General Auditing Bureau division, Elite Claims division, and Asset Recovery Group are examples of ideas brought to the industry to meet client demands.




Our clients expect us to respond and we do. We are an email or a phone call away. I trust you will never work with a company that has employees as accessible and responsive as ours.



In closing I want to say THANK YOU to our clients, our vendors, and of course our great employees for making Receivables Control the company that it is today. We are in this business for the long haul and look forward to what the future brings.


Luke Vidor is the Chairman of Receivables Control.  You can contact Luke at lvidor@rccmn.com.
Associate Spotlight - 45 Years of Service!
Jim Fritz, Sr. 
James Fritz, Sr. is a legend in the commercial collection industry.  Jim has been with Receivables Control since the beginning.  He began his career in 1970 and to this day enjoys collecting our pre-litigation accounts.

When Jim started with us, there were just three employees.  Back then, Jim was the collection arm of Receivables Control.  It was his responsibility to collect all the accounts.  In the beginning that meant both consumer and commercial recoveries.  It meant going door to door whenever necessary.

As the company grew through the 70's, Jim developed a collection staff and adapted the company's collection approach to the commercial field and zeroed in on how to recover money for clients without generating complaints.   

He retired from his Vice President's role in the early 90's and just couldn't let go of the urge to collect money.  He rejoined the team shortly after retiring and on a part time basis he still calls debtors and collects pre-litigation receivables. 

Jim takes the most challenging accounts we have and makes final attempts to collect accounts prior to suit.  Jim's efforts pay dividends to our clients by recovering money from accounts they would otherwise sue.  He also performs a crucial quality control step which allows him to share his knowledge and insight with our senior staff.

We value Jim's service and expertise and thank him for 45 years of service!


Remarkable Achievements! 

Recently, Receivables Control held its Employee Appreciation Dinner.  This is a time when we celebrate accomplishments from the previous year and recognize key contributors at Receivables Control.


One of the top honors is the Receivables Control Employee of the Year.  The Employee of the Year is chosen by their peers and this year we recognized two tremendous people that personify hard work, determination and success.  
Jim Mlenek was named our Employee of the Year.  In addition to the recognition, Jim received a trophy and $500.  Jim's accomplishments this year are nothing short of amazing.  He achieved 103% of his annual collection recovery goal and led his Advanced Account Advisor peer group.  Jim recovered more than $2.02 million for our clients in 2014.
Jim Mlenek and Naomi Rettig
Naomi Rettig was recognized for being the runner up for Employee of the Year.  Over the last 8 years, Naomi has been learning every facet of our company.  Naomi started her career collecting before moving on to manage our Legal Department and Small Balance Team.  Over the last six months, Naomi was promoted to fill the key role in our Operations Department and she is helping us streamline and improve our processes.  She is making a positive impact and improving our services.

We also recognize employees celebrating anniversaries.  Receivables Control has a unique recognition program where each employee receives a custom crafted Receivables Control ring on their 5th anniversary.  The ring features our company logo and has insets for diamonds.  A diamond is added on every fifth anniversary.  The ring is also inscribed with the employee's name and hire date.     

Terri Wolfe celebrated her fifth anniversary with Receivables Control.  Terri supports our team through the operations department.  Her main focus is transcribing our collector-dictated reports.   The customized reporting she produces gives our clients insight prior to litigating accounts and it also provides the due diligence to write off uncollectible balances.  


From the left, Kelly Cronan, Luke Vidor, Marty Bell, Kurt Huizinga 

Marty Bell was recognized for 10 years of service at Receivables Control.  Marty joined us in 2004 after graduating from St. Cloud State University.    All of our collection staff start at the "bottom" and Marty's steady approach and exemplary results have helped him advance to the top ranks of our collection team.


Today, Marty is responsible for managing a collection team and he is instrumental in training new collection staff and maximizing their recovery performance.  Marty also has a personal collection quota and was responsible for collecting over $2.43 million for our clients last year!  

Kurt Huizinga celebrated his 25th anniversary.  Kurt came to Receivables Control following his graduation from the University of Illinois in 1989.  That same year he made the move to Minnesota and began his career as a Collection Representative Trainee.        


Kurt quickly established himself as a force in our collection department.  Kurt has tremendous skills in reading people and motivating them to do the right thing. In the early 90's Kurt started traveling for our Asset Recovery Group, where he worked on-site at troubled companies and was integral in developing Receivables Control's Purchase Division.  In the late 90's Kurt was promoted to collection manager, where he oversaw all of Receivables Control's collection staff and established record performance.   


Today, Kurt is a Director for our Asset Recovery Group (ARG).  He focuses on identifying situations where ARG can assist troubled companies.  He also keeps his collection skills sharp as he is still involved on some of our most challenging collection accounts.     


Kelly Cronan also celebrated 25 years at Receivables Control.  He came to Receivables Control after a short career in consumer finance.  Like all of our other collection staff, Kelly began as a Collection Representative Trainee.  In the early 90's, Receivables Control rapidly expanded its Asset Recovery Group and Kelly spent many years working on-site.  During this period, he focused on two completely different types of collections.  He worked at troubled companies liquidating receivables to satisfy creditors and he worked at Fortune 500 companies, helping them to fine tune their internal collection practices.         


Kelly's work away from Receivables Control has provided him unique insight and knowledge that he uses today in his role as Vice President.  He is responsible for all collection operations and works closely with clients.  He is also an executive with our consumer company, Advantage Collection Professionals.

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Receivables Control Turns 45!
The Beginning - Jim Fritz, Sr.
Remarkable Achievements
Omega's Dave Sylvester
Carrier's Walter Hall


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Client Spotlight!

We are proud to say Dave Sylvester has been doing business with Receivables Control for more than three decades!  Dave started working with us in 1984 at MacLean Hunter, a publishing company.  Years later when Dave took the Business Manager position at another publishing company, Jobson, he found the Credit Manager was already doing business with Receivables Control. 


Dave's customer mix was perfect for our General Auditing Bureau (GAB) pre-collection system.  GAB is an effective tool in reducing the need to send accounts to third party collections.   


Dave notes the quality of our letters makes the debtors take notice.  When ordinary dunning notices are easily discarded, our cotton bond, hand-signed letters produce more payments.  Dave even helped us innovate our product by suggesting we add a perforation to the letters, making it even easier for debtors to remit.  We took his advice and improved our service!


Seventeen years ago, Dave took on the credit management position at Omega, a global supplier of process measurement and control equipment.  Like the last time, he didn't need to introduce Receivables Control to his new employer; we were already there!  Dave has worked with Receivables Control for thirty one years. 


We appreciate Dave allowing us the opportunity to partner with him and the companies for which he has worked along the way.  His loyalty is something we don't take for grantedWe know we must continually prove the value of our products and service every day, no matter how long someone has been a client.  


All of us at Receivables Control thank Dave and wish him continued success!    

Client Spotlight!

For 23 years, Walter Hall has made his career with Carrier Orlando.  For the past 8 years, Walter has been the Regional Credit Manager, overseeing credit and collections for the South.

Walter has been married to his wife Freddie for 43 years and has a son and daughter, Darrell and Phyllis.  He enjoys traveling and watching sporting events and particularly enjoys spending time with his granddaughter in Arizona.

Walter has partnered with Receivables Control since January 2014.  He likes the fact that if he has a question, he gets a personal response quickly.  Someone is always here to help. 

Thank you for your patronage and we wish you a successful 2015!

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