President's Message
By Carol VanCamp, President


As my year as Chamber president comes to an end, I have a lot of wonderful memories of this past year and renewed confidence in the future of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Hawaii.  I know that the incoming administration led by 2014-2015 President Dave Honma will ensure that our 63-year-old organization continues to thrive and remains a strong voice for business in our community and across the state.

Thanks to the work of our many committees and their dedicated chairs, we have made major strides in incorporating Japanese cultural traditions and history into our many programs and activities.  Several of our Social & Cultural and Education events have been aimed at reinforcing the importance and significance that the Japanese culture has had on our island and state.

During the past year, nearly 40 new members have joined our Chamber, and they bring new energy and ideas that will help us continue to grow and prosper in the years ahead.  Our goal has been to encourage their participation in Chamber committees and events so that they feel connected and are able to make many new friends and connections that support their respective businesses and bring value to their membership.

Completion of an updated strategic plan for our Chamber has been a major initiative this past year, thanks to the leadership of Past President Mike Miyahira.  Volunteering his time and expertise, he has helped our leadership determine our priorities, goals and objectives for the next 3 to 5 years, with the primary goal being membership growth and retention that will enable us to continue our work and support our mission:  "To promote the well-being of our community through business and personal relationships through the values of 'Kahiau' and 'Okage Same De'."

On May 25th, I had the opportunity to represent our Chamber at the annual meeting, festival and Kodomo No Hi of the Kona Japanese Civic Association, held at the Kona Hongwanji Buddhist Temple in Kealakekua.  The event included food sampling, displays, children's games and entertainment.  It was also a great way to reinforce the friendship between our Chamber and the Kona Japanese Civic Association and to continue conversations about more ways for us to collaborate in the future.

On May 29th, we enjoyed a great "casino night" and fellowship at a Goji Kara hosted by Ivan Nakano and his team at Kama'aina Motors in honor of the 99th anniversary of that business.  It was a wonderful event with great food and fellowship, and we appreciate their hospitality.  Next year will mark their 100th anniversary, so we are all looking forward to the opportunity to join in that celebration.

At this year's annual meeting and installation on June 23rd, 11 representatives of our Sister Chamber, the Higashi-Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce & Industry, will be visiting from June 22-24.  This year marks the 15th anniversary of our Sister Chamber relationship so it provides a special opportunity to reinforce the importance and value of this friendship.  We hope that our members will attend to participate in the festivities and to install Incoming President Dave Honma and his officers and directors.

Throughout this past year, I have been continuously amazed by the ongoing support and involvement from our Past Presidents.  As my year comes to a close, I fully understand why they are so supportive - it's an amazing organization that we have had the privilege to lead as President.  Our leadership year goes so fast that our real legacy becomes our continued involvement and support in the future and mentoring and supporting incoming Chamber leaders.

I hope that our members have enjoyed the programs and events of the past year and most of all that they met new friends and had fun!  I know that the future of this organization is in great hands, and I am looking forward to many exciting events in the coming year.





Current Benefits for Members


Please check out the current benefits and discounts that you can take advantage of as a JCCIH member!   





Gina Tanouye, Allstate - Speegle Insurance Agency is dedicated to providing outstanding service with Aloha for your auto, home, renters, life insurance and financial service needs. Contact Gina Tanouye at or 969-7767. For every referral the office receives, the member will receive a $10 gift card for allowing them to provide an insurance quote. 



Kagari Fujita, Ph. D, Big Island Wisteria, LLC is offering members translation services of Japanese to English, or English to Japanese at a discounted price. Contact Kagari Fujita at   



Amelia Hayashi, Bob's Jewelers is offering members 30% off watches; 30% off gold jewelry (Po Son Hon collection excluded); and 30% off sterling silver jewelry.  Contact Amelia Hayashi at 935-8434. 


Diann Horita - With an office in Hilo, Eyewear Hilo has been serving Keaau, Papaikou, Kurtistown and Waimea for more than 4 years. Prior to beginning in Dec. 2008, the staff was employed by Eyewear Hawaii, Inc. and that same respected service is found at Eyewear Hilo.  When you desire superior cutting edge lens technology, call Eyewear Hilo at 935-1119. Members will receive a 20% discount. 


Joy Madriaga, Hawaii Petroleum, Inc., HPI offers dependable bulk fuel and lubricant delivery services to all districts of the island.  HPI's proprietary gas card program - Hawaii Fueling Network - provides a convenient, cost saving way for businesses and consumers to fuel. As a member, when you sign up with HFN, you will receive a discount on your gas purchase.  Contact Joy Madriaga at 969-1405 for further questions.  Applications are available at the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Hawaii.  

Sandy Wilson, Wilson's Trophies, provides awards for sports and academics; signs and banners; corporate awards, gifts & recognition; custom and personalized products (made to order); wood and acrylic crafting (laser engraving and designs); special occasions (Valentine's, Christmas, etc.); jewelry items (earrings, pendants, hair picks and more). Members will receive awards discounts. Contact Sandy Wilson at 969-7077.   




OMKM Seeks Community Input into Administrative Rules
By Stephanie Nagata, Office Director of Mauna Kea Management

Stephanie Nagata  

OMKM has been developing
administrative rules governing public and commercial activities on University managed lands on Mauna Kea. This is vital to our mission of preserving and protecting the cultural, natural and educational resources on Mauna Kea. Over the period of the next several months, we will be meeting with and talking to community groups in order to get people's input and feedback to the rule-making process.  

On a daily basis, our rangers do an excellent job of informing and instructing those who visit the summit, but these administrative rules are necessary to help protect the mountain's resources from the impacts caused by human activity, as well as to insure the health and safety of visitors. 

We are approaching the rule-making process under the following subchapters: General Activities, Protection of Native Hawaiian Rights, Public Activities, Commercial Activities, and Enforcement.

In general, people do not intend to harm or destroy the mountain's precious resources or cause injury to themselves or others. Most violators are not aware of the consequences of their actions and simply act out of ignorance. 

Offroading activities, for example, clearly endanger archaeological sites, some of which are situated near the road. What may appear to the untrained eye as nothing more than a landscape of rocks could indeed be a historic property, such as a shrine. 


A Ranger checks out a vehicle that lost its brakes and was forced to drive into an embankment in order to stop. 

Indeed, the challenges we must address run the gamut of human activities, often involving people's use of vehicles. Many visitors attempt to drive up to summit in two-wheel drive vehicles, then do not use low gear when descending, causing their brakes to overheat and cease working. Others develop transmission problems. These people then stop their vehicles on the summit road, creating an extremely dangerous situation for other cars. Some people make the effort to rent or borrow four-wheel drive vehicles, but don't know how to properly operate them, thereby running into the same problems. Just recently, we had a couple of incidents in which vehicles lost their brakes and went whizzing past the Visitor Information Station. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

As noted earlier, we want to engage the community in this rulemaking process and will be scheduling meetings over the next three months or so to gather your feedback and suggestions. Mahalo!   









HawCC Update
By Chancellor Noreen Yamane




Hawai'i Community College held its annual Student Recognition Ceremony in May to honor exceptional students for their talent and hard work. Ten students received "E 'Imi Pono Awards" of either $250 or $350, amounts that were determined by the Student Recognition Committee.

The E 'Imi Pono Awards were funded through the Taste of Hilo funds that JCCIH donates each year to the college. The 2014 recipients are
Ruth Bascar-Sellars, Kimberly Escobar, Lukas-Michael Sellars, Helen Tak, Gin Tezuka, Susanne Deutschbein, Christopher Johnson, Caryn Masutomi, Jubylen Teehee, and

Gregory Voight.

Mahalo for your help supporting these deserving students!

New Programs Coming This Fall

Beginning this August, Hawai'i Community College will offer a new set of accelerated, online, for-credit classes that will lead to credential certificates.

Students will be able to study a variety of topics, including Business Foundations, Retail Foundations, Business Essentials, Entrepreneurship, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Classes are accelerated eight-week sessions that begin in the Fall 2014 semester. Students will receive support services that include tutoring, academic counseling, internships, and job development.

Hawai'i Community College was one of four University of Hawai'i campuses to receive a Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grant (TAACCCT) to develop the classes. This project is funded, in the amount of $12.7 million, by the U.S. Department of Labor and Training Administration and administered by Hawai'i Community College.

The grant aims to align academic programs with industry needs and increase the number of adults who attain certificates, degrees and other industry-recognized certificates.

Many Hawai'i Island businesses are seeking work-ready individuals that have acquired critical skills to make operations run more efficiently. These certificates will enhance work-readiness and provide valuable knowledge to current and future employees.

This grant provides a tremendous win-win opportunity. These new programs will provide valuable skills and college credentials to community members while giving the business community access to a more skilled workforce.

The application deadline is August 1, 2014. Any one interested should apply soon, because classes may fill quickly. For more information, please contact

William Tehero Jr., Business Program Coordinator, at

 Hawaii Community College logo

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37th Annual Samurai Classic Golf Tournament
By Jon Arizumi, JCCIH Past President
Jon Arizumi
On May 15, 2014, members from the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Hawaii participated in the Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce 37th Annual Samurai Classic held at the beautiful Pearl Country Club. 

This annual tournament brings an opportunity of networking, friendly competition and a day filed with joy. 


Special appreciation to our team members who continue to bridge the positive relationship with our sister chamber in Honolulu.   


L to R: JCCIH members - Jon Arizumi, Eugene Nishimura, Mike Kaleikini, Russell, Peter Yukimura, Mike Murakoshi 



Nihongo - Obon
By Joji-san 


In Hawaii and Japan, Obon is one of the most important Japanese traditions. People believe that their ancestors' spirits come back to their homes to be reunited with their family during Obon and pray for the spirits. Obon is an important family time, and many people return to their hometowns in celebration.

During this time, people clean their houses and place a variety of food offerings such as rice and fruits to the spirits of ancestors in front of a butsudan (Buddhist altar). Also, Chochin lanterns and arrangements of flower are usually placed next to the butsudan.  You can smell the burning of senko incense that fills the air among the Japanese houses and cemeteries.

Another part of the tradition is Toro nagashi (floating lanterns) that is often observed during Obon.   Usually, people send off their ancestors' spirits with the lanterns, lit by a candle inside and floated down a river into the ocean. In the recent lantern ceremony in Honolulu, the theme was "Many rivers, One Ocean!"

Along with other events during Obon, is the bon odori (folk dance) which is widely practiced on Obon nights.  Variety of styles of dance vary from area to area, usually Japanese taiko drums keep the rhythms. In Hawaii and Japan, people go to their neighborhood bon odori held at parks, gardens, shrines, or temples, wearing yukata (summer kimono) and dance around a yagura stage. Anyone can participate in bon odori, and it is welcome to join the circle and imitate what others are doing.

2014 Obon Service and Dance Schedule on the Big Island

June 14th (Sat) - Obon Festival at Keauhou Shopping Center (Kona Hongwanji)
June 14th (Sat) - Honomu Henjoji Mission
June 21st (Sat) - Papaikou Hongwanji
June 28th (Sat) - Honomu Hongwanji
July 4-5th (Fri-Sat) - Puna Hongwanji
July 5th (Sat) - Kohala Hongwanji
July 11-12th (Fri-Sat) - Honpa Hongwanji Hilo Betsuin
July 12th (Sat) - Kona Daifukuji Soto Mission
July 12th (Sat) - Paauilo Hongwanji
July 12th (Sat) - Kohala Jodo Mission
July 18-19th (Fri-Sat) - Hilo Meishoin
July 19th (Sat) - Honokaa Hongwanji
July 19th (Sat) - Keei Buddhist Church (Kona Hongwanji)
July 26th (Sat) - Hilo Hooganji Mission
July 26th (Sat) - Kona Hongwanji
July 26th (Sat) - Papaaloa Hongwanji
Aug 2nd (Sat) - Hilo Taishoji Soto Mission
Aug 2nd (Sat) - Paauilo Kongoji Mission
Aug 2nd (Sat) - Kurtistown Jodo Mission
Aug 9th (Sat) - Hamakua Jodo Mission
Aug 9th (Sat) - Kona Koyasan Daishiji Mission
Aug 15th (Fri) - Life Care Center of Hilo (Hilo Higashi Hongwanji)
Aug 16st (Sat) - Kamuela Hongwanji
Aug 16st (Sat) - Hakalau Jodo Mission
Aug 30th (Sat) - Honohina Hongwanji



Words of WisdomTommy Goya

By Tommy Goya


Commemorative Logo


The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hawai'i logo incorporates a bamboo design that overlays the Hawai'i Island profile.  The Hawai'i Island profile was a part of the incorporated logo since the Chamber was established in 1951.  The bamboo symbolizes the virtues of an organization that is strong, flexible and enduring.  Bamboo is revered in oriental folklore, traditions, religions, arts and craft and because it continues, even today, to have many practical uses.


The design also includes the Chamber "crest" with the letters JCC.  The black, red and gold colors used in the logo were chosen to reflect our rich legacy.  The logo was designed by Tommy Goya along with the artistry of Lee Mori of Creative Arts Hawaii to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Chamber in 2001.  

JCCIH logo    





"Always be excited about tomorrow"

- Jack Welch, former CEO General Electric 








  June 2014
      June Kanji - Rokugatsu
In This Issue
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OMKM Update
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37th Annual Samurai Classic Golf Tournament
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What's Happening


June 23, 2014

64th Annual Installation

Hilo Yacht Club

5:30 pm


July 2, 2014

Joint Organization, U.S. Senate Forum

Sangha Hall

More information forthcoming 


July 7, 2014

1st Annual Tanabata Star Festival 

Subaru Telescope Facility

11:30 am - 1:00 pm 

Invitation forthcoming 

July 23, 2014

Goji Kara at Hamakua Springs Country Farms 

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm 

Invitation forthcoming  


Officers & Directors  


Executive Officers

Carol VanCamp, President

David Honma, 1st Vice President

Darren Nishioka, 2nd Vice President

Russell Arikawa, 3rd Vice President

Naomi Menor, Japanese Secretary

Donn Mende, Treasurer
Ivan Nakano, Auditor

Jon Arizumi, Immediate-Past President


Directors - term expiring 6/30/14
Tommy Goya

Phoebe Lambeth
Marvin Min

Dwayne Mukai
Russ Oda

Joseph Skruch

Arthur Taniguchi


Directors - term expiring 6/30/15

Janice Bueltmann

Barbara Hastings

Randy Kurohara

Amanda Lee

Tracey Miura

Michael Miyahira

Allan Onishi

Debbie Shigehara

Nina Tanabe

Toby Taniguchi


Directors - term expiring 6/30/16
Nobuo Arimoto

Ross Birch

Laurie Correa

Charlene Iboshi

Michael Kaleikini

Ka'iu Kimura

Kimo Lee
Barry Mizuno

Steve Ueda

Nico Verissimo

Oshirase Newsletter   

Amanda Lee, Editor 
Lei Momi Fujiyama Pillers, Executive Assistant  

Chantee Poepoe-Vigil, Intern 





Welcome New Members!


Jill Atwal 

Namihira & Yokoyama, CPA's  


191 Hualalai St.

Hilo, HI  96720 

 961-3443, 557-9993, 935-0338


Dean Fuke  



303A E. Makaala St.

Hilo, HI  96720 

 227-8593, 969-7050  



Ryan Kajikawa  

Hi HR Hawaii Human Resources 

Business Development Manager  

31 Aloalo St.

Hilo, HI  96720 


John McCollum   

Integrity Graphics  

116 Hualalai St. #202 

Hilo, HI  96720 

 969-3312, 969-6824




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