Celebrating Nyack College & Alliance Theological Seminary Faculty & Staff Achievements

 Fall 2013

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Please send your latest achievements including books published, research completed, honors received from professional organizations, fellowships awarded, oversight or development of service learning projects, and work with community organizations to Erica Videc at Erica.Videc@nyack.edu.  


Please provide details (who, what, where, when, why) and the significance of news in relationship to our core values, where possible. High resolution digital photos that you can share for publication are welcome. (Please note: copy may be edited for length.)

Don't forget...you're invited to submit information to the "Life After Hours...On My Time Clock" section of Class Act. We want to hear about the books you've read; fun vacations you've taken; cooking/baking skills (share your recipes); family tree updates; good habits; and unknown talents. Share your good news with us!


The C&MA Board of Directors elections at the 2013 General Council Meeting yielded the following new member selections: Dr. Ronald Walborn; Rev. Kelvin Walker; NC/ATS Board of Trustee member Dr. Rockwell Dillaman; and Rev. Yeathus Johnson.  


Mrs. Jenny Lee, Auxiliary Assistant and Housing Coordinator

1. What brought you to Nyack College?

In 2009 I came to school as a transfer student from St. John's University. I came to know about Nyack College through a Nyack alumnus who was a pastor in a Methodist Church I attended in Queens. I was led to follow Christ through this church and pastor and wanted to grow further at a Christian College. He introduced me to Nyack College and I never looked back. Thank you, Adam Sabo, class of '98!


2. What is your favorite Nyack College/ATS experience?

I have so many, but let's go with the most recent one. Visiting the Manhattan campus and seeing and feeling what God is doing in that place has been more than an experience for me. I can't help but tear up just a little when I step foot into 2 Washington Street. I know that so much prayer and hard work has gone into that place!


3. Favorite food:

South American, Caribbean, and Chinese food (Authentic)-yes let's get it right, not take out. Yum!


4. Latest interesting read:

Ok, I am 9 months pregnant now, let's keep it real...latest reads have been all about babies!!


5. Unknown talent or interesting fact about yourself:

I am a freelance make-up artist and love it! Need your make up done for a wedding or special event, I'm your girl.

Save the Date for Homecoming 2013

Homecoming Weekend 2013 (October 11-12) is a little over a week away and we've put together a schedule packed with fun for alumni, friends, faculty, staff, students, and their families!


Our Homecoming website provides details on the entire weekend. Don't forget...faculty, staff, and their families are entitled to complimentary registration to all Homecoming events (excluding the NYC Adventure and the Alumni Round of Golf).

Please register HERE. In order to receive your complimentary tickets, click on "Enter Promotional Code" at the bottom of the registration page and enter the code "facstaff." Or feel free to phone Erica Videc at 845-675-4426 or email her at erica.videc@nyack.edu with the list of events you'd like to attend by October 10. 

2013 College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Retreat

The College of Arts and Sciences faculty attended their annual retreat on August 23 at the First Reformed Church of Nyack. Using the Myers Briggs Personality Inventory, the Arts and Sciences faculty explored how their personal uniqueness intersects and influences their emotional and spiritual health, as well as how it informs their work as professors. Dr. Andrew Mercurio was the retreat facilitator and James Rensink led the group in worship.


Dr. Fernando Arzola, Jr.  Dr. Fernando Arzola, Jr.

Dr. Arzola was commissioned as Preaching Elder and serves as pastor of The First Reformed Church of Nyack (www.nyackreformed.org). The First Reformed Church is the oldest congregation in the Village of Nyack.


Dr. Nina Balmaceda 

Dr. Balmaceda represented Nyack College at the International Congress on Shalom and Family that took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina in September. During the Congress, Dr. Balmaceda was a featured speaker at the Roundtable on Shalom and Structural Violence; at the Consultation with Legal Professionals; and led an interdisciplinary workshop on "Being an Instrument of Peace: Building Shalom in our Faith Communities."

To read other recent professional and academic presentations by Dr. Balmaceda, visit the Arts & Sciences blog at http://www.nyack.edu/blog/CASNews/archive.


Dr. James Danaher Dr. James Danaher

Dr. Danaher's book, The Second Truth: A Brief Introduction to the Intellectual and Spiritual Journey That Is Philosophy, is scheduled for publication in 2014 by Paragon House.


Prof. Brad McDuffie Professor Brad McDuffie

Prof. McDuffie published a poem entitled "Nomenclature" in North Dakota Quarterly Spring 2013, Vol. 78.1: pp. 21. He also published a review of Kip Zegersand the Poets of the Argus, Reading Whitman in Manhattan: Teaching Poetry and Hunter College High School and Melody S. Gee's Each Crumbling House in North Dakota Quarterly 2012, Vol. 77.4: pp. 170-180. His essay entitled "An Art of 'Pure Sound Bound Through Symbols': Ezra Pound's Tutelage of Ernest Hemingway" was published in the book, Imagism: Essays on Its Initiation, Impact and Influence.


For more news and updates from the College of Arts and Sciences, view their blog at http://www.nyack.edu/blog/CASNews.

Dr. Len Kageler

Dr. Kageler presented an academic paper, "Foundations and Models of Islamic Youth Ministry," at a conference of the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry held at Cambridge University in January. Dr. Kageler also spoke on leadership development at a conference in London for Norwegian youth workers.


Dr. Carlos Velez

Dr. Velez earned his doctorate, having successfully completed the requirements for his Ph.D. at Trinity Seminary. Congratulations, Dr. Velez!


Dr. Gerard Becker

Dr. Becker and adjunct professor Dr. Richard Ponschock co-wrote and published a paper entitled "Digitation of Society: The AVATAR Effect: Review of Strategic and International Studies." The paper was presented at the 2013 International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference held in Key West, Florida in May.


Dr. Gordon Boronow     

Dr. Boronow and his wife had the opportunity to travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina to attend the 25th Annual Conference of the Congress of Political Economists where he presented his forthcoming paper, "Social Security Reform: Funding Paygo with Investments in Human Capital."  They had an enjoyable week in a country they'd never been to before.


Dr. Marie Kenote 

Dr. Kenote played the flute in a benefit concert this past August for "No Longer Alone Ministries" at the Lancaster Mennonite High School. This Christian outreach provides many services to individuals experiencing mental illness as well as support for their families. For more information, visit http://nlam.org/app/.


Dr. Elizabeth Swanson  Dr. Elizabeth Swanson

Dr. Swanson was appointed as conductor of the Jubilee Chorus, a NYC-based Christian choir that proclaima message of hope, healing, and spiritual freedom through music and to empower God's people with the gifts of music. For more information on the Jubilee Chorus, visit http://www.jubileechoir.org/.


Dr. Swanson was invited to join the Manhattan Concert Chorale, a professional choir that will perform in Merkin Hall, Alice Tully Hall, and Carnegie Hall this coming season as well as travel domestically. For more information, visit http://www.mcchorale.net/.


Dr. Swanson will present at the upcoming National Collegiate Choral Organization (NCCO) national convention in Charleston, South Carolina in October. She is an NCCO board member and the New York State representative for the organization.


Prof. Maureen Kroning 

Prof. Kroning published an article in American Nurse Today entitled "The Guilt Suicide Leaves Behind." Her dissertation, "Advanced Health Care Education Program for Nurses," was published in August on ProQuest. Prof. Kroning's abstract was accepted for a feature in the Walden University alumni magazine on the topic "Accepting a Role as a Leader" and was appointed as vice president of the Rockland County Nurses Association. 


Dr. Elias Dantas

Charisma Magazine published an article entitled "I'm Inspired by How God Is Using Business Leaders Worldwide." The article discusses networks of business leaders who are heading up bold initiatives to spread the gospel, influence society, and help the poor as well as leaders who are making a huge impact to see how they can work together to advance the cause of Christ. The following excerpt is taken from the article.


"The network is the vision of Elias Dantas, a Brazilian who is now part of Nyack College in New York. The group began several years ago as an almost secretive meeting of megachurch pastors from around the world (including some from Muslim nations) to see how they could collaborate in spreading the gospel and encourage each other. The marketplace initiative is a spin-off of the pastor's group and is less secretive because what businessmen do to fund the gospel and witness doesn't get the same sort of persecution from governments who may be hostile to Christians." To read more, click HERE.

Coach Keith Davie


Keith Davie completed the coursework required for earning a doctorate and passed the comprehensive exams on July 20-21 at United States Sports Academy in Daphne, Alabama. He is currently working on completing his dissertation. Congratulations and best of luck!

Cool Causes

Shared by Dr. Gerard Becker 

Dr. Becker volunteers for Year Up New York and is currently mentoring a young business professional trying to enter the workforce. Year Up's mission is to close the Opportunity Divide by providing urban young adults with the skills, experience, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through professional careers and higher education. To read more on Year Up, visit http://www.yearup.org.


Shared by Adrianne Garcia 

Adrianne Garcia graduated from the 2013 Leadership Rockland program. Leadership Rockland's mission is to identify, inform, and inspire leaders to better serve their communities by increasing awareness of the many facets of Rockland County. To read more about Leadership Rockland, visit http://www.leadershiprockland.org/.

(Pictured from left to right: County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef, Danielle Watson, Adrianne Garcia, Roberta Zampoli, Dan Weisberg)

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Shared by Dr. Lisa Steiner 

While still in her pajamas late one morning, Dr. Steiner's three-and-a-half year-old daughter, Julia, said, "Mommy, you can't go to work in your pajamas!" After Dr. Steiner got dressed and came back down the stairs, Julia took notice and said, "Mommy, you got dressed all by yourself! You look so cute, Mommy!" It's these little precious moments in life that make our days! 

Fun Vacations and Pastimes

Shared by Dr. Marie Kenote 

Dr. Kenote drove across this great country from New York to Washington with her two cats this summer. Dr. Kenote says, "The Lord watched over us and we were blessed with a beautiful trip!" She also took up playing golf again, after many years off, and is having a great time catching up with the game!  

Ride On

Cycle enthusiastic Dr. Christine Buel clocked her longest ride ever when she rode from Rockland County to Nyack's Manhattan campus at 2 Washington Street-close to 70 miles!


She had driven to the campus with her husband, IT administrator Kevin Buel, a couple of days before her ambitious round-trip commute to New York City.


"I wanted to get a better feel for the area and biking helps me to really figure out where I am and I notice more details. So, in my mind it wouldn't be much further than going to the bridge," Chris explains.


Wrong! It was a bit longer than the one hour from the George Washington Bridge that a teenage friend estimated the trip would take.


"I don't like to tell myself I can't do things!  But when I got home I found that I had some nerve issues--felt like someone was tapping me on the back for a day or so."


Yet Chris adds, "It was so worth it to really get a sense of how amazing our Nyack College Manhattan site is. I just couldn't believe how much energy the whole place exudes!"


The School of Education professor says that she biked as a child but was reacquainted with the sport just three years ago. She would ride to the GWB once a month with a former student of hers.


"I have met some great folks on my journeys and the health benefits have been fantastic. I would absolutely encourage anyone to get on a bike and ride!"

Family Matters
Heather (Office of Spiritual Formation Rockland) and Paul Garcia welcomed their fourth child, Liam Daniel, born on July 28 at 6:02 am, and weighed 8 lbs 5 oz. Liam is the younger brother of Isaac, Rylan, and Jude. 
Melissa (Office of Advancement) and Brad Hickey (Communications Department) celebrated the birth of their second child. Owen James was born on June 7 at 1:56 pm, and weighed 8 lbs 7 oz. Big sister Jennah couldn't be happier!

Margie (Office of Admissions) and Brian Jennings welcomed their second child, Francesca Hart, born on February 19, 2013, weighed 8 lbs 1 oz, and was 20 inches long. Charles Clay is big brother to Francesca.  

Erica (Office of Advancement) and Rob Videc welcomed twin daughters on January 28, 2013. Keira Anna was born at 8:26 pm, and weighed 6 lbs. Maya Julia was born at 8:27 am, and weighed 4 lbs 15 oz. 

Jamila Yousif Wright (Registrar's Office - Rockland) and Jamel Wright were married on July 12 at the First Reformed Church of Nyack. A reception followed at the Nyack Center. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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