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TM's Latest Blog Posts 



Tutoring Match has been blogging more and more tutoring tips! Check out our latest blog posts for TM tutors: 

Bahia Shehab: A thousand times no 
TED.com // September 2012

Art historian Bahia Shehab has long been fascinated with the Arabic script for 'no.' When revolution swept through Egypt in 2011, she began spraying the image in the streets saying no to dictators, no to military rule and no to violence.

Learn more about Bahia Shehab by watching the video on TED.com

Five Ways to Make Science Fun

Education Nation // Dean Kamen // Sep. 21, 2012



Science is fun! Just ask one of the hundreds of thousands of students involved with FIRST - For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. FIRST, a not-for-profit, sparks kids' interest in science, technology and engineering through exciting, hands-on robotics competitions. Parents and teachers can get kids excited about exploring science and technology by trying one of these five action items: 


5 Things You Can Do:

1. Get comfortable with failure like engineers do.

If at first you don't succeed with solving a problem, try, try - and fail again - until you succeed. This is how engineers find new discoveries:  http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/ftc


Find out the next 4 ways to make Science fun on Education Nation

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