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April 2013
Food and Nutrition is the theme this month in this April issue of my Healthy Aging Newsletter, where I share with you common sense, non-medicinal, and free or low-cost solutions to aging well.
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The Science of Processed Food - They Know Exactly What They're Doing   
Food science Two recently-published books exam the ways large food companies very carefully manipulate flavors to get, and keep you, hooked. And it isn't spinach they're using! Read about these investigations.....
A Palette of Health   
healthy foods I felt better just looking at this board and related information on the 31 Healthiest Foods from TIME Magazine! This is a wonderful reminder of a slew of healthy and delicious options available to us.  Plan Some meals with these gorgeous foods here...
So Many Approaches to Diet, No Single Answer   
healthy fish There is much good info about dietary approaches available today. At the same time though, there is no one-size-fits-all diet. This article from Harvard Med lines out the pros and cons of some of the main ones, and has one big suggestion for anyone looking to get better results from what they consume. Learn more here.

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she brings both passion and humor to all her endeavors."
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Dr. Joan's Life Tip of The Month  

Your mouth is the first port of entry of what, how and how much you eat. Your health relies on the care you take about what you put in your mouth. Be mindful!   

 What is Dr Joan up to? 

- In addition to talks about my own work, I periodically do training talks for various organizations under the auspices of BLI (Balancing Life's Issues). On March 12th I spoke to the county employees of Spottsylvania, VA on "Alternative and Complementary Medicine: Fact or Fiction". I had spoken to another group on this topic two years ago but the response of the audience was notably different - more interested now, better informed, some practitioners and definitely not considered fiction. They wanted to know what I take. The times are changing.

-Some 60 stations on the LifeTalk Radio network carried my interview with Dr. David DeRose on Tuesday, March 12, 2013. You can listen to the podcast here.

-Have been working on developing workshop content for training professional care-givers. Compassion stress is taking its toll on visiting nurses in homes and hospitals as well as those unexpectedly thrust into the responsibility of caring for a loved one. This gives me the opportunity to draw on my stress and coping know-how in order to provide care-giving facilities and their staffs practical guidance.

- For those who have been asking about my work on the stress book for the over-50 crowd, I am following my editor's suggestion of reflecting more deeply my own experiences. Be assured that I have put nose to the grindstone, producing new material and digging deep into my own stressful experiences which have at times been gut-wrenching. Whose aren't?!

Upcoming Events:

-On Friday, April 5th, from 12:30-2:00pm (EST) being interviewed by Dr. David Livingston on the Space Show You may hear the live audio and call in to join the discussion on www.thespaceshow.com The topic is the announcement by Denis Tito, first commercial visitor to the International Space Station, of a privately sponsored trip to Mars for two during the 2018 window of opportunity. The pros and cons of this effort are being hotly debated right now among space followers so the discussion promises to be lively.

- The next day on April 6th I am going local and participating in Culpeper Library's local Authors' event, showcasing Sitting Kills, Moving Heals, The G-Connection,and Adventures in Chocolate.  

Words of Wisdom 

"You have brains in your head you have feet in your shoes,

you can steer yourself in any direction you choose!" ~ Dr. Seuss

Thanks for reading. It is my intention to provide something of value to each of you. Contact me here with any comments or suggestions. Enjoy Springtime!


Joan Vernikos

Third Age Health 

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