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March 2013
Welcome to this March issue of my Healthy Aging Newsletter, where I share with you common sense, non-medicinal, and free or low-cost solutions to aging well.
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The Operating Room of The Future?  
ultrasound Over the last 15 years the team at InSightec has been developing a non-invasive procedure that they believe will replace traditional surgery, reducing recovery times and pain. They started out by treating uterine fibroids with an approach that replaces the hysterectomy. Watch How It Works...
Can Astronauts Survive A Mars Mission?   
Since this is what I am asked so very often, including here in a talk I gave last year at NASA's Ames Research Center, I decided to share it this month. Ask and ye shall receive! Watch me in my element here...
Can Astronauts Survive a Mars Mission?
Can Astronauts Survive a Mars Mission?
An Alternative Approach to Treating Inflammatory Conditions   
meditation A study completed by neuroscientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, shows how those suffering from inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and irritable bowel disease can benefit from mindfulness meditation.Learn more here.

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"This book is a 'must have' for anyone wanting to cut through all of the narrow-view approaches to improved health, and find readily-accessed ways to feel better today." ~
Dee O'Hara, R.N.


Dr. Joan's Life Tip of The Month  

Get out and look and smell the first spring flowers. Crocuses, daffodils and tulips are amongst the first flowers, as the herbs shoot their first aromatic leaves. Nature is getting dressed for a party!  

 What is Dr Joan up to? 

-Interest in Sitting Kills, Moving Heals continues, coming from a variety of less expected sources:

  this past week I had an hour-long interview with Dr. David DeRose, host of American Indian Living Radio on Life Talk Radio. We discussed how modern lifestyle adversely affects Native American communities and that the lessons learned from Sitting Kills, Moving Heals make sense to that culture and can help them find solutions to health issues. The interview will be aired in about a month on 100 stations across the country. Check their website.

- Fascinating Bruce Grierson, journalist and author of U-Turn: What If You Woke Up One Morning and Realized You Were Living the Wrong Life interviewed me recently for a book he is writing on 93- year old track athlete and all-around phenom Olga Katelkova who has maintained her strength and dynamism well past previously believed limits. He has been trying to identify what it is she does that the rest of us can learn about keeping our bodies strong and 'young'. Since Sitting Kills recipes are not specific exercises but rather habitual movements, these are not the type of things she would even think about telling him. I was able to share the extraordinary benefits of things like repeatedly bending down to pick up something off the floor, or reaching up to get something off a shelf, gardening, or stirring a pot of something. It seemed like a light bulb going off for Bruce - he had never thought of these things as a cause of robust health later in life. I look forward to his new book when it comes out.

- My Brazilian colleague Dr.Thais Russomano engaged me in a delightful discussion via Skype with five graduate students in the Arts in Finland's Aalto University. Dr. Russomano has been invited there to interact with creative arts and architecture students. Their project is to design an inflatable bubble to provide an artistic, creative refuge on a long space journey or on a space base, explore materials for space suits of the future, or a space sauna.

- Work on my next book has taken a different twist drawing on personal and career examples and how I handled them. We'll see how that goes. Your ideas are welcome. 


Upcoming Events:

Am heading across the Atlantic in early October to London's Jewish Cultural Centre to speak on, "From John Glenn to Healthy Aging".    

Words of Wisdom 
"The most important things in life are not things." ~ Winston Churchill
Thanks for reading. It is my intention to provide something of value to each of you. Contact me here with any comments or suggestions. Have a great month!


Joan Vernikos

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