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November 2012
Welcome to the November issue of my Healthy Aging Newsletter where I share with you common sense, non-medicinal, and free or low-cost solutions to aging well.

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Joan On The Proof of Yoga's Benefits    
yoga proof I've practiced yoga for several years now and while it is an important part of my wellness efforts, as a scientist I've wondered about the verifiable benefits. Following on our recent "Space Health, Aging and Yoga Therapy Workshop" in California, here is some of the significant things I learned from fellow scientists who have been researching this very thing. Read more...  

Walking is Growing in Popularity and The Benefits are Wonderful 

NPR's 'Talk of The Nation' looks at why more and more people report walking as a form of activity, and the kind of impacts walking has on their physical and emotional health. "People who are more active have a lower risk of early death, a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, hypertension, a bad lipid profile, diabetes, certain cancers, even depression." Plus, it gets you outside! Read or Listen
How to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep (and Maintain a Healthier Weight at The Same Time)  
waking up feeling rested Here's a very helpful list of steps you can take today to wake up feeling better rested. And who doesn't want that. You'll function better, enjoy improved health, and maintain a healthier weight. Read more...  
Jv HAddassas 2011
Joan speaking at a Haddassah event in Washington DC.

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What Are People Saying?
"This book [Sitting Kills, Moving Heals] is a must-read for everyone who wants to live healthy for longer." ~ Dr. Donal O'Gorman, Centre for Preventive Medicine, Dublin University.  

Dr. Joan's Life Tip of The Month  

Maintaining flexibility and resilience of muscles and connective tissues is key to functional health, and something that so many of us ignore. If you have a current or old stretching routine that has been successful for you, gently use it every day. And for those of you interested in some easy, gently yoga, watch and practice with Tara Stiles in this excellent 10 minute video.  

What is Dr Joan up to? 
-Spent a wonderful week in London celebrating friends' Golden Wedding Anniversary. I held an exciting Book Salon at Dr. Jenny Furey's lovely home for the British launch of Sitting Kills, Moving Heals, as well as visiting with long-time friends, reminiscing and sharing news in person, instead of just through Christmas cards.
-Loss is always a stressful experience even if somewhat expected - this is something I will be exploring more deeply in my upcoming book. We received the sad news of the passing of Norman, a one of a kind local personality where we live, and were reminded that It is at times like this that a network of friends is so very important in our lives.
-Stress and my relationship with it came front and center a few times this month:
-I lost to mother nature after admiring a gorgeous red poison oak leaf while trimming the path at our farm in rural VA. Whereas the homeopathic tablets did wonders against poison ivy, they did not work as well for poison oak - my face, eyes, lips, and ears were swollen, itchy, and almost contorted beyond recognition. I am reticent to use steroids so relied on antihistamines to minimize itching and allow for sleep and healing. I may have learned my lesson. 
-SuperStorm Sandy came and went with minimal damage at our home and no flooding or power outage thanks to good luck and the value of being prepared - the drainage system we put in last year after a basement flood worked well.  My thoughts are with the many who have suffered tremendous personal and material loss. 
Upcoming Events:

-Ok, I'm letting the cat out of the bag here: in recent months, along with all of the activity around Sitting Kills, I have been writing a book on the challenges and opportunities of stress in the years post-50. It is an energizing project and reminds me that so much of our life is determined by how we perceive the things that happen moment to moment. Look for an excerpt in the coming months.  

Words of Wisdom 
Thanks for reading. Enjoy the Fall days and remember to take care of you and your loved ones.


Joan Vernikos

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