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We mourn the loss of Ms. Rochelle Shoretz, former TABC Board Trustee and mother of Dovid '16 and Shlomo. Rochie was inspiring to all around her - as a board member, a parent and as a community advocate for causes that were deeply meaningful to her.  She was the Executive Director of Sharsheret, an organization she founded to serve Jewish women with breast cancer. We are grateful for the time she gave to TABC as a lay leader and for the contributions she made to the community at large through Sharsheret.

יהי זכרה ברוך

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June 5, 2015

18 Sivan 5775
Celebrate Israel Parade

On Sunday, TABC students and faculty proudly joined thousands of marchers in the 51st annual Celebrate Israel Parade on Fifth Avenue. The Celebrate Israel Parade is the largest public celebration of Medinat Yisrael. Our theme, "Imagination Built Israel," representing Israel's strength and ingenuity to imagine: to dream and create a stronger future while appreciating its past, was beautifully displayed on our banner which was created by Yoni Schwartzman '16 and Benjy Kleiner '16. This year's parade T-shirts were designed by Jacob  Rosenfeld '17 and Zachary Orenshein '16 reflecting the overall parade theme of Israel Imagines. Thanks also to the other members of our Parade Committee, David Berger '15, Yehuda Feman '15, Amitai Glicksman '15, Zachary Greenberg '16, Eli Hyman '16 and Yechiel Hyman '18 for their input, enthusiasm and suggestions, and to coordinators Mrs. Debbie Hyman and Mrs. Leah Moskovits.

Re-imagining Jewish Education through Art
Benny Sragow's Project
Over the last year, Mrs. Nancy Edelman, Dr. Carol Master, Ms. Cary Reichardt and Ms. Lauren Burstein participated in the Yeshiva University Museum's Re-imagining Jewish Education Through Art Program.  They spent three days at a summer workshop immersed in Lincoln Center Education's aesthetic education methodology, learning about how to use such methods to approach not only visual art but text, especially Jewish texts.  This semester, Mrs. Edelman and Dr. Master brought their 9th grade English classes to the YU Museum for the day to experience art making, art viewing, and finally, a look at an important Jewish text--the Ashrei prayer--as a work of art. Click here to read about the creative ways our students have enjoyed this
 extraordinarily novel learning experience in which they have begun the journey of imaginatively integrating the visual arts and classic Jewish texts.

Dr. Master's 9Y1 Class at the workshop

Ezra Finkelstein's annimated video
Ezra Finkelstein's animated video
Budding Surgeons?
Yehuda Saks brought needle and thread to practice his surgical skills
We completed frog dissections in Biology lab this week.  Students had a hands on experience into understanding the complexity of the internal anatomy of living things, which is the best tool for making a science unit come alive. Our students had an oppurtunity to examine and explore the various internal and external organs of the grass frog. Seeing these organs and understanding how they work within a single animal allows students to understand how the same systems work within themselves.  While we do not have all organs in common, many systems overlap with incredible similarities and give students a more thorough understanding and appreciation as to the complexity of living organisms. Students also learned the concept of adaptation and how each organism's body plan and structure are designed to best fit their environment and surrounding ecosystem. Some students expressed interest in pursuing a career in surgery and medicine, and felt that the dissection was a beneficial tool in determining if this was a field for them. What an exciting and valuable day!
Achieve 3000
As previously reported, this year, TABC has begun to implement Achieve 3000, an online reading program that offers differentiated instruction to students, continually stretching them with complex texts that improve their skills. Dr. Master's English 10T class continues to hold their 1st place standing on our school's Achieve 3000 scoreboard with a total of 13,850 points--up from  5,342 points in March.  The majority of the class consistently performed 75% and above on their activities, on a college and career-ready track. The top average activity scorers are Mo Proctor, Joshua Lieman, Ben Mendelovits, Mendy Garb, Jacob Small, Avi Weinberg and Solomon Weiser. Congratulations to them and thank you to our consultant Corinne Pochter for jump-starting this program for us.
Zman Kumzitz
Y15-Y18 participated in a joint end-of-the-zman kumzitz this week. The singing was lead by Zach Orenshein '16 and Avi Finkelstein '16 and they were accompanied by Rabbis Blau, Jachter and Krohn. It was a wonderful opportunity for our talmidim to expereince their Avodat HaShem emotionally, to complement the way they do intellectually every day in shiur.
A New View of Bereishit Perek 1
In concluding their learning of Sefer Bereishit, Rabbi Jachter shared a thought provoking video designed by the Lookstein Center for Jewish Education for high school students.  The video presents Bar Ilan University's Professor Nathan Aviezer's approach to resolving the apparent contradictions between the Big Bang Theory and Evolution and Bereishit Perek 1.  The video presents the resolutions in a cartoon version of an ongoing and entertaining fictional conversation between the Rambam, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Professor Aviezer and a skeptical science professor.  Rabbi
 Jachter clarified to the students that there are a variety of alternate Orthodox approaches to the issue and welcomed the students to share their thoughts about the video. To view the video click on the image.
Drama Production
The TABC Drama Club performed Charles Dickens Abridged this past week. All of our students walked over to view the afternoon performance and the evening performance was attended by family and friends. Congratulations to Netanel Arussy, Steven Cohen, Daniel Falk, Yoni Friedman, Shai Gutfreund, Yechiel Hyman, Benjy Kleiner, Aharon Nissel & Yosef Silfen on a job well-done.

Unity Day
Rabbi Finkelstein led a delegation of seven sophomores to the Unity Day program which took place at the JCC of Manhattan. Over 100 high school students from ten tri-state area high schools learned together with Rabbi Ethan Tucker, and interacted with each other. The students discussed contemporary examples of conflicting values, and then learned sources that facilitated discussion about those values and the struggle each of us faces to embrace the other. Unity Day was an internationally observed day, marking one year since the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teenagers last year. The learning and interaction between the students was a testament to the legacy of Naftali, Gilad and Eyal z"l.
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