January is the month to press the reset button, recharge and head into the New Year with a heightened focus and commitment to your craft.   

Zarin Fabrics, one of the largest resources of discounted designer fabrics in New York City, recently opened a showroom in the renowned D&D Building (Decoration & Design). The company chose Essential Design Build to create a space that would incorporate the familiar elements from their downtown warehouse that they were moving from. Lead Designer, Alison Lang, visited Architectural Systems for the inspiration and materials that would blend the heritage of this 79 year old company in their new headquarters.
The European Vinyl Collection, part of ASI Flooring, and Sculptured Collection, part of ASI Wood Panels were signature materials for the updated office/showroom. European Vinyl Collection, a resilient product that is inspired by old world chateaus, (without the cost or maintenance of the  European Hardwood Collection, was installed throughout. The Sculptured Collection delivers a textural and dimensional effect that establishes an industrial aesthetic where designers feel comfortable working in again and again. The new space captures the ambiance and creative environment desired.

Celebrating 25 years of creativity and collaboration, as a strategic material partner, Architectural Systems works closely with designers to select finishes that realize their vision! Please visit ASI and view innovative product collections in the New Year. See WHAT'S NEXT in 2015!

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