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In this era of fusion cooking and celebrity globetrotting chefs, a successful restaurant has to articulate a strong point of view. To reinforce not only chef-driven gastronomy but also the décor of the space must compliment the food presentations as well, all to achieve an overall memorable culinary experience, whether you are in Ralph Lauren's new Polo Bar (below) or dining in this month's featured project, Mitoushi.

Located in Brooklyn, Mitoushi specializes in fine Japanese cuisine with unique ingredients and originality (Japanese Pizza anyone?!). The flagship restaurant opened in 2006, and worked with Lo Chen, Principal, Lo Chen Design, to marry the concept of eastern flavors with western comfort and luxury.

For this first go around, Lo Chen was inspired by the Sculptured Collection and chose the wavy pattern for the feature walls, which became a signature material for the restaurant evoking an ocean vibe.

When Mitoushi was planning their recent expansion, doubling their size, Lo Chen Design once again collaborated with ASI to select new fresh materials for impactful areas in the space. The bar now is the dramatic backdrop for Sublime, one of four extraordinary product groupings in Ornamental Surfaces, which are a collection of luxe animal skin looks and embellished simulated leathers that certainly set the mood for modern cuisine!

Lo Chen has often said customers are curious about the materials used in the restaurant. They have a loyal clientele, and people return again and again and especially for celebrations!

Happy Holidays, from all of us at ASI and to meaningful celebrations in memorable spaces!

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