Local Market Update 

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SGV Market Overview

Mortgage Rates

U.S. averages as of

December 26, 2013:


30 yr. fixed:   4.48%

15 yr. fixed:   3.52%
1 yr. adj:        2.56%

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New Loan Requirements For Getting A Mortgage 


The number of homes purchased with a home loan has been dropping steadily since May, according to RealtyTrac. Instead, cash is king for many reasons. As mortgage rates began creeping up, some homebuyers started opting to purchase with all cash. And that trend may continue as new loan requirements become more strict.



9 Easy Ways to Go Green 


So, you've decided you want to go green. Time to ditch everything leather, along with all the meat in your diet, buy a bike, and turn your backyard into a composting garden. You ready?
Your Credit Score - Understand It! 


A Credit Score is a three digit number but this seemingly harmless number is strongly tied to the amount you can borrow. It also influences the terms of borrowing. In order to stay on top of your finances, it is crucial for an individual to thoroughly understand credit scoring in order to make well-informed decisions.