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SGV Market Overview

Mortgage Rates

U.S. averages as of

August 29, 2013:


30 yr. fixed:   4.51%

15 yr. fixed:   3.59%
1 yr. adj:        2.64%

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Improve Your Chances of Obtaining a Home Mortgage 


Securing financing to purchase a new home is one of the most important, exciting, and nerve-wracking financial steps most people will ever take.



Pricing Your Home to Sell 


How much your home is worth to you and how much it is considered to be worth in the real estate market can be two very different numbers. If you're planning to put your home up for sale, one of the most important factors in making a quick sale is pricing the property correctly. Your real estate agent can be your guide in making this all-important decision, but there are a few important guidelines for you to remember so that you understand how to put a price tag on your home without letting sentiment get in the way of sense.
How Much Home Do You Need? 


Your lender may be willing to loan you a mint, but do you really need that much house?  


Even comparison shopping with a site like LendingTree might not be enough to put you in the right mortgage.