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Leadership Compass                           Summer 2014

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Featured Leadership Article: Hope, The New Leadership Competency
Featured Leadership Workshop: Building Employee Satisfaction & Engagement
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In The News 

HR Classes Start 
in September!


A joint venture between HRACC and the University of Saint Joseph in West Hartford. For info about an HR Professional Certificate, click here. For info about PHR, SPHR Certification Exam Study Course, click here.


David O'Brien Discusses Deliberate Leadership on National Radio Show 

David was recently the featured guest on The Uncommon Sense for Leaders Show with host Catherine Carlisi. During the 1-hour interview, David discussed a wide range of leadership issues and corresponding strategies for leading at a higher level. To listen to the August 6th broadcast, please click here.

WorkChoice Solutions Introduces Leadership Culture Benchmark Survey
As part of David O'Brien's research efforts to develop his recent SHRM sponsored Building a Culture of Leaders keynote speech, he created the Leadership Culture Benchmark Survey which examines 10 key strategies that highly successful organizations utilize to build a leadership culture. To get your complimentary copy of the survey, please click here.

David O'Brien to Present "Building Employee Satisfaction & Engagement" Workshop 
As part of David's ongoing partnership with the CT Association of Nonprofits, he will be delivering his very popular, Building Employee Satisfaction & Engagement workshop on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at the CAN office in Hartford, CT. The 3-hour workshop combines the latest research with proven strategies for helping leaders to maximize employee capacity. In addition to providing participants with the opportunity to assess their current state of organizational engagement, the workshop offers an actionable framework for harnessing employee engagement to increase stakeholder value. The 9:00 a.m. to 12-noon workshop is open to the public but registration is required. For more information or to register for this workshop, please visit CT Association of Nonprofits online by clicking here.  
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Dear Friends,


I hope this greeting finds you well and that you've been enjoying the warm summer weather. Like you I'm sure, I've been running on all cylinders just trying to keep up with the demands of every leadership role I play. Despite the fast pace, I wouldn't trade it for anything as its all good!

This latest edition of the Leadership Compass features an abundance of leading edge content including some insights from Positive Intelligence (PQ) pioneer, Shirzad Chamine. Be sure to check-out the featured leadership article and don't forget to download your complimentary copy of my new Leadership Culture Benchmark Survey.

Thank you for your commitment to leadership excellence and best wishes for continued success in all of your endeavors.

Choose to Navigate,

David O'Brien


Featured Leadership Article:

Hope, The New Leadership Competency   

With performance review season about to get under way in many organizations, countless conversations will be focused on leadership competencies. Despite a wide range of universal competencies that drive leadership success, few of these conversations will include a measure of the leader's capacity to build hope. To be sure, competencies like visioning, execution, resource management and the full list of EI related competencies (to name a few) remain critical measures of leadership impact. What's changed however is that today's workforce is overworked and overstressed to a point where hope has been replaced by uncertainty and fear in many organizations.

As a beginning point, it's helpful to consider what hope as a leadership competency involves. At a foundational level, hope is the absence of fear. It is the belief that the future (even tomorrow) offers an improved state of well-being. At another level, hope is ...
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Featured Leadership Workshop:

Building Employee Satisfaction & Engagement

Global competition, technological advances and the demands of cost-quality-time conscious customers and stakeholders have produced a workplace environment aptly described as "permanent whitewater". Add to this the rapid pace of change and the never ending pursuit of excellence and organizations today face an unparalleled challenge to succeed. While many of these new workplace realities present real obstacles, they also present an unparalleled opportunity for organizations to set themselves apart from the competition.
For the Full Course Description of this workshop,  please click here.  

Learning Key Quick Links To Learning

Link # One:  "Positive Intelligence, Power Up to Your Potential" 

- Shirzad Chamine         


Bestselling Author and Positive Intelligent (PQ) pioneer Shirzad Chamine explains the foundation of PQ while providing guidance on how to achieve your full potential (performance + happiness) through the groundbreaking science and practice of Positive Intelligence. To watch the 3-minue video, please click here.  


Link # Two: "What People Want From Their Leaders"  

- Harvard Business Review


Gareth Jones, London Business School Fellow, lists the four attributes you need to secure loyal followers. Based on interviews with over 1,000 workers around the world, the list may just surprise and inspire you. To watch the 3-minute video, please click here.   


Link # Three: WorkChoice Solutions Learning Resources


In continuing our commitment to leadership development, we have added new content to the Learning Resources link on the WorkChoice Solutions web site. Within the link, you will find a wide range of complimentary leadership assessments, media interviews, PowerPoint slides and a variety of leadership articles. Please click here to connect to Learning Resources.

Thought To ConsiderLeadership Thought To Consider

"The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway"
                                                                                         - Henry Boyea  

Leadership Suggestion: Consider what this quote means in your world of work and in your role as a leader. Also try to uncover the leadership opportunity that it presents.


Three Questions Worth Considering:

  1. Speaker SolutionsDo you need a high impact / high content speaker for your next off-site event or conference?
  2. Is there a high potential employee on your team that struggles with public speaking?
  3. Could other people in your organization improve their
    public speaking effectiveness?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,
please click here to learn more about Speaker Solutions.

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