Awakening to Authentic Power
Dear Spiritual Partner,

This time of the year contains one of the most powerful energies of the year and also some of the most powerful distractions.

The powerful energy is the energy of Rebirth. People often think of this as a Christian word, but the roots of it run deeper and are older. They come from the Winter Solstice - the precise moment in the cyclical movement of the seasons when the day is shortest and night longest in the Northern hemisphere. In the Northern hemisphere, therefore (if we are far enough North) all is cold and grey, the trees are bare, and snow covers the ground, and seeds and animals lie in deep sleep. On the Winter Solstice life begins to stir again in them, although it will be months before it is visible to us.

In the Southern hemisphere, the day is longest and the night is shortest. This is the Summer Solstice. This powerful juxtaposition of opposite Solstices on opposite sides of the Earth shows us more clearly than any philosophy that balance is everywhere in the Earth School, and that physical death and physical life are parts of it.

Not accidently, religious holidays occur close to this energy and reflect it - Christmas (the birth of Jesus) and Hanukkah (the Festival of Light). Overlaying them are the commercial Christmas and the sentimental Christmas, often indistinguishable. They beckon us to sleep and dream the shared denial of violence within us. They envelop us in visions of "Home for Christmas," "Oh, Baby Its Cold Outside," and "Silent Night". Through all of this we create strongly - either unconsciously in fear or - if if we develop the skill and choose wisely - consciously in love. In all cases, we are responsible for what we create.

Throughout this time of mixed energy and messages you are a powerful and creative, compassionate and loving spirit creating with love or fear and bearing responsibility continually for what you create. The Universal Law of Karma does not get lost in sentimentality or religiosity, even if you do. Then comes the time of making new resolutions for a new year - a relatively recent calendar-ordained event that shows us annually how feeble is the commitment behind most of them.

Use your commitment to stay awake and aware during this confusing time of alluring and conflicting messages. When you are not aware, you create destructive and painful consequences. When you are aware, you can create consciously and, if you choose, wisely. Independently of religious, commercial, and sentimental messages, what is your message? What is your message to the world to yourself and to those around you? Is it fuzzy, warm, and unconscious or clear, multisensory, and wise?

Happy Conscious Holi (holy) days!



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This video by Gary Zukav and Linda Francis shows you how to celebrate the Holiday Season consciously and joyfully.

What does the Holi (holy) Day Season have to do with Authentic Power?
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Linda Francis
The most important thing I want to share with you for this Holiday Season is a new way of approaching all relationships, old and new.  This new way involves looking at yourself and noticing what each interaction activates in you.  Is it love or fear?  If it is fear (anger, jealousy, blame etc.), you can challenge the fear by not acting as you have in the past.  Instead you can respond from the healthiest part of your personality you can reach for in the moment (patience, gratitude, caring etc.)  That way every interaction over the Holidays becomes an opportunity for you to grow spiritually.
That is a new idea for many people, and it certainly was for me before I read The Seat of the Soul.  Then I began striving to create with love rather than fear.  Until then, my Holiday interactions were unconscious, and so also was most of the rest of my life.
When you are with family or friends this Season or participate in Holiday gatherings, you will encounter people you may have unresolved issues with, and they with you.  This will happen especially with parents and children.  Frightened parts of your personality and theirs will be activated.  Each time this happens, take the opportunity to respond in a new and healthy way instead of an old and painful way.
Every time this Holiday season you use your interactions with others to change yourself instead of trying to change them, you create authentic power.  Allow yourself to imagine what approaching Holiday interactions in this way would open for all involved.
May you have the most joyful and growth-filled Holiday.
With Love, 

"Where your attention goes, you go."
 Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul
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