Dear Spiritual Partner,

The violence in Paris jolted much of the world, but jolting will not change the world. Learning from our experiences can change us and changing ourselves will change the world. Changing the world is not a mass movement in which hundreds of millions of individuals change, and they change the world with them. It is a personal, intimate experience in which you change yourself and change the world with you. This is creating authentic power - becoming truly powerful.

The arena in which global change occurs is intimate and immediate. This very personal arena may appear far removed from global circumstances, but it is not. It is the origin of them, and that origin is visible in you if you look for it. It is the part of your personality that feels uncomfortable with others who believe differently, appear differently, and act differently. It is the part of your personality that feels superior or inferior to other people, impatient, and on the right track while others are not.

We are becoming multisensory. The greater part of us exists in nonphysical reality, and the greater part of our interactions exists in nonphysical reality. Your choices have ramifications that extend beyond the domain of the five senses. Changing them from fearful (angry, jealous, superior, inferior) to loving (grateful, appreciative, patient, caring) changes you and your contributions to the world. This happens independently of what others are choosing. The suicide bombers in Paris are proxy actors for the frightened parts of our personalities, showing us what these intimate energies in ourselves create on the world stage.

We are not small, invisible, and powerless. We are creative and powerful, compassionate and loving spirits longing to create harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life. Creating authentic power is becoming the authority in your own life and making your choices accordingly.

The energy that needs to be changed in us is the same energy that needs to be changed in the world. Each act of violence, large like those in Paris or small like the distance you create between yourself and a fellow student in the Earth School you disdain, is a reminder to make the changes you need to make in yourself.

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Linda Francis

Gary and I had been preparing for our live video class that we would give to the Life School / Master Class Immersion participants the next morning when I checked my email. I started reading what had happened in Paris. I thought about my immediate insight when I turned on the TV the morning of 9/11. On that morning I knew that we were being given an unmistakable opportunity to not react again with violence, fear, revenge, and hatred. We certainly did not use that opportunity to respond with love rather than react in fear.

Pete Seeger's beautiful song, Where Have All The Flowers Gone, came into my mind as I reflected on this new opportunity. For many years I didn't know the answer to the question it asks again and again - When will they ever learn? However, it is very clear to me now that things will change when I change them in me instead of focusing on changing others. 

I don't know what we will do as a collective this time, but I know that I am even more committed to act from love instead of fear. I have noticed since this violence in Paris that I'm seeing more and more parts of my personality that are not loving. They are impatient, judgmental, and distant from others. These parts of my personality were so familiar to me that I often didn't notice them in the moment or realize that they came from fear. Sometimes I did notice them, but I felt justified because another fear-based part of my personality knew it was right. Now I am seeing all of this, and I'm very, very grateful. I know that I'm the only one who can stop the violence and destruction that they create, and I know their creations extend much farther than my eyes can see. I intend to challenge all the fear-based parts of my personality by not acting on them and by acting from loving parts of my personality instead until they loose all of their power to control me. I know this is my responsibility.

I am inviting you to join me in changing in yourself what only you can change.

With Love, 

"Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is." 
 Gary Zukav, - "The Seat of the Soul"
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