Awakening to Authentic Power
Dear Spiritual Partner, 

What does it REALLY mean to make choices from healthy parts of your personality? It's not only when you observe that a fearful part of your personality is active (for example, one that is impatient), and you decide to act from a loving part of your personality instead (for example, one that is patient).  This is the core dynamic of creating authentic power.

It also means proactively and consciously choosing to act from a loving part of your personality moment by moment - for example, a part that is grateful, or appreciative, or caring, or content, or in awe of the Universe as well as patient.  When you do this, you will notice that you are naturally more giving, creative, and curious.  You will feel your heart opening, and the joy of opening to others will fill your awareness.

Allow yourself to go on an adventure for the next week, or month, or even for the remainder of today in order to begin the process.  Consciously and proactively choose to act from a loving part of your personality all the time.  Cultivate loving parts of your personality moment to moment, interaction to interaction, activity to activity.  Use all the circumstances of your life all the time - especially those that are unpleasant or painful - to bring patience, appreciation, gratitude, and care into your life.  Can you imagine doing this all the time? Can you imagine taking the helm of your vessel and sailing toward love continually?



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The NEW Master Class

The Master Class Immersion is an unparalleled yearlong program that integrates online teachings and in-person experiences to support your spiritual growth.

Begins September 2015

Over the course of twelve months, you will weave what you are learning into your daily life with ongoing support from master teachers Gary Zukav and Linda Francis and a community of spiritual partners.

We will be sending you more about the Master Class Immersion soon. 
Journey to the Soul 2015 

July 19-23, 2015 at majestic Mount Hood
(near Portland Oregon)

Join this transformational five-day retreat with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis!

Experience the power of your emotions, intentions, and choices. Learn practical tools to create the life you want. The Journey to the Soul provides a safe and supportive environment to transform your fears into authentic power and spiritual growth.



Linda Francis
I am sharing a little bit of my process in creating a new year long comprehensive program we are calling the Master Class Immersion. First I felt a vision of a program that is much more interactive and comprehensive than anything Gary and I had created to help people integrate their spiritual growth into every area of their lives in exciting and practical ways rather than compartmentalizing it.

I could feel the possibility of a new experiential way to learn using an urban setting rather than just a meeting room. I did a lot of research with a team to find the optimal city for this unique program. We chose Portland Oregon because of many things - it's outdoor and health oriented culture, the general friendliness, curiosity, and exploratory energy in the city, and it's wonderful transit system. Once we picked Portland, we explored the city at length to see how experiences in it could best support people in creating authentic power and spiritual partnerships.

New visions usually start for me with unformed feelings of something good and surprising. I also usually have many strong fear based parts of my personality come up in the process - lots of doubts and resistance to what I know I need to do. Then I realize that if I don't do it, it won't happen.

Creating this Master Class program was no different. I know now following what I need to do brings good things into being that support people. It's been a continuous journey of following my vision, then doing what is necessary to bring it into reality. It is truly is a joy to bring something into being that supports everyone who's committed to growing spiritually - creating authentic power - and wants to do that alongside Gary, me, and an ever-growing community of spiritual partners. You'll be learning more about this unique program as we begin to share about it very soon.
With Love, 



"The release of energy in love and trust
produces health, contentment, gratitude, and joy


-- Linda Francis and Gary Zukav, The Heart of the Soul  
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