Soul Connections - March 2014

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Dear Spiritual Partner,

Twenty-five years ago I published a book that I did not know if anyone would read.  My publisher had been waiting seven years for a sequel to my first book, The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics.   The manuscript I gave her was entirely different, but she published it anyway in Spring 1989.  I called the new book The Seat of the Soul.  This book immediately began to help people in meaningful ways, and in 1998 Oprah Winfrey and I co-created a television show about it that aired on Christmas Eve afternoon.  Almost everything changed for me after that.  Oprah and I began doing audience shows the next Spring, and we did over thirty of them.  Oprah needed to share The Seat of the Soul, too.  This month the 25th Anniversary Edition of The Seat of the Soul was released.

I did not change the text of the original, but Oprah and Maya Angelou wrote remarkable prefaces for it, and I wrote a new foreward.  The big change in the new edition, however, is the one that engaged me, transformed me, and liberated me in ways I could not have foreseen.  This newsletter is about the 25th Anniversary Edition of The Seat of the Soul and that change.



Seat of the Soul - With Study Guide      
The 85-page Study Guide in the back of the 25th Anniversary Edition of The Seat of the Soul is the big change.  It helps you apply the principles in The Seat of the Soul to your everyday life in practical ways and to see more clearly the enormity of the context in which they are becoming visible - the expansion of everyone's perception within a few generations beyond the limitations of the five senses.   Each chapter in The Seat of the Soul has a corresponding Study Guide chapter.  Each Study Guide chapter has opening paragraphs, questions, and different kinds of exercises.  Before I began working on this Study Guide, I had not thought about explaining the principles in The Seat of the Soul this way.  Once I began, I could not stop.  Each chapter of the book became a surprising and deeply gratifying exploration for me.  

I wanted the questions in the Study Guide to be meaningful, not intellectual, to draw from deeper places than thought, to elicit answers beyond words, to open new doorways.  This required only an interest in supporting you, and that was deepest in my heart.  The opening paragraphs, however, required me to dive deeply into chapters I had read many times before, clarifying everything that I felt might be unclear or need attention.  I reread The Seat of the Soul four times.  Just when I thought the Study Guide could not become more supportive, the idea occurred to me to add videos and audio meditations, and that required creating, in effect, a new website.  Access to each page in this new website - which became the "Study Guide Extension" - is in the Study Guide at the back of the book.   Now the whole thing is done - 25th Anniversary Edition with prefaces by Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou, Study Guide, and online Study Guide Extension.  It is a joy to recommend them to you.

Some people might ask, "How could something written twenty-five years ago be engaging, much less liberating, to the person who wrote it?  Understanding this requires understanding about inspiration, and how it comes from a source other than the mind.  Before the mind can write anything, it needs to understand it in its own terms.  All everyday writings are done in this way.  But The Seat of the Soul is filled with things that do not present themselves in terms of the mind.  They come from another place.  That is why inspired people can not fathom with their minds the fullness of what they are writing, performing, and bringing into being as they are doing it.  The mind can not fathom the fullness of inspired sharing because that kind of sharing comes from beyond the mind.  They feel what they are sharing, express what they are sharing, and become what they are sharing, but they are not thinking about what they are sharing while they are sharing it.  Thinking about it stops the process.  Afterwards, the mind can recognize, appreciate, and revel in what inspiration has created.  I have been recognizing, appreciating, and reveling in The Seat of the Soul for twenty-five years.  Last year I began to see ways to help others do the same, and the result is the Study Guide and Study Guide Extension online in the 25th Anniversary Edition of The Seat of the Soul.

The publication of this new edition is so much more than the re-release of a classic book.  It is an ongoing journey into love and nature of power - which are the same.  I am grateful to share it with you.



The 25th Anniversary Edition of The Seat of the Soul is Available Now!   

The Seat of the Soul - 25th Anniversary Edition

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Anniversary Edition of The Seat of the Soul 

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Linda FrancisIt is a joy to connect with you. I am excited to share my experiences with Gary cocreating the Study Guide to the 25th Anniversary Edition of The Seat of the Soul.  I have known for a long time that a Study Guide could be very supportive to anyone studying what is in The Seat of the Soul.  However, I needed twenty-five years to practice, experiment with, and experience creating authentic power to be able to assist in cocreating one that is maximally practical and wonderfully supportive.
I feel that is so for Gary, also.  In this process I have held the intention continually to illuminate practical ways to experience and experiment with what is in each chapter, to transform it from an intellectual endeavor into a real life opportunity to experience deeper meanings in your life chapter by chapter.

I know that every time I read The Seat of the Soul, I learn more about myself.  So it is with great delight that I encourage you to study the 25th Anniversary Edition of this very important book.  The Seat of the Soul is your guidebook to creating an authentically powerful life.  The Study Guide will help you accelerate that process, and forming study groups with the intention to create authentic power and spiritual partnerships will enhance your life and everyone around you in ways that you cannot imagine yet.

I love that we and everyone around the globe are now able to study The Seat of the Soul in more depth. You can study individually, with your partners, with your family and friends.  You could start or join a study group locally or on the phone or internet.  You could be in more than one group.  I feel using your time to connect more deeply with your soul is the best way to use your precious life, and this new Edition of The Seat of the Soul with its Study Guide can help you do that.

With Love,




Seat of the Soul - Until next time


"Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is."

- Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul  


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