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Dear Spiritual Partner,

Creating authentic power requires stretching yourself.  It can be no other way.  Authentic power is the ability to speak and act with love no matter what is happening inside you and no matter what is happening outside you.  Frightened parts of your personality speak and act in fear.  If they are not challenged, your life remain unchanged - still angry, jealous, dissatisfied.  When you challenge them - when you choose not to act on them when rage roars through you, jealousy eats at you, thoughts of vengeance will not leave you, or sex, alcohol, food, pornography, or gambling magnetically attract you - your life changes.  This is the stretch that changes you.  It is the act of creating authentic power - the moment of consciously moving beyond the control of your fear.  Doing this repeatedly creates authentic power.  You stretch yourself again and again, and eventually the control of the frightened parts of your personality over you diminishes.  Then it disappears.  Experiences of fear - anger, jealousy, despair, rage - may return, but they do not affect you as deeply.  They run off you, so to speak, like water off the feathers of a duck.

As you create authentic power your life fills with purpose and  meaning.  You begin to give the gifts that you were born to give, the gifts that you cannot give while fear controls your deeds and words.  Your commitment to spiritual growth and courage to experience your fears consciously enable you to stretch yourself beyond them, and stretching yourself beyond the control of your fears allows joy and fulfillment.  That's the way it  works.

The Seat of the Soul Institute supports you in stretching beyond the control of your fears and nurturing yourself with the joy of creating with love.



Commitment is a stretch when you commit to something new, something constructive and  healthy, and stick to it, such as commitment to your integrity.  How do you  stay in integrity without being insensitive? How can you be sensitive to others and stay in it? 

There are degrees of commitment, and each new degree is a stretch.  It is as though we are individuals who are practicing yoga.  As we stretch we become more limber, but we are always at the edge of what we can do.  Individuals who come into the Authentic Power Learning Community may think that they are committed to creating authentic power and feel that they are committed, and yet as they begin to experience the depth of the transformation that occurs within themselves as they develop emotional awareness and apply responsible choice, they discover that they are indeed required to commit yet again. 

Having a child is a commitment, and as the child grows, parents begin to understand in more fullness the demands of parenthood, and as they do, their commitment deepens or they fall into despair.  As the child grows into adulthood, the commitment of the parents must deepen yet again to provide the love and wisdom they want to share in ways they are at the same time learning and learning how to share.

It is the same with creating authentic power.  The more you enter your life consciously, the more challenges and opportunities appear in equal measure.  The more difficulties and tumultuous emotions you  experience consciously and challenge, the more potential for freedom from fear and the spaciousness of joy appear.  The more you stretch yourself, the more you gain.  And you gain nothing when you do not stretch yourself.  Creating authentic power is stretching yourself in every way that counts.



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Linda Francis Gary and I were in Corvallis Oregon to see our granddaughter play volleyball for Oregon State University, where she is now a student.   When we looked out our hotel window, we were surprised to see hundreds of big burly men and some women on motorcycles streaming into a parking lot by the football stadium. Most were carrying American flags.   By the time we started our walk to the volleyball game, the streets were lined with them and others. Most seemed peaceful; however, I decided to walk the long way around to avoid them.  After the game, even more people were lining the streets. 

That is when I saw a couple walking away from the large gathering toward our hotel.  I was so curious, and I asked why they and all the others were here today.  They told me that they had come to a memorial service for a young soldier who had been killed in Afghanistan and to shield his family from the congregants of an intolerant church in the Midwest who had come to disrupt the service.  They and hundreds of others had come to surround the boy's family while they were there and keep them from the hateful activities of a few insensitive people, in other words, terrified people that were controlled by frightened parts of their personalities.  I was touched that so many had come to this small town in  Oregon, including the burly bikers, to shield and allow the grieving family to have the most loving ceremony and memorial for their son.  Although I don't know the intentions of all the people that lined the streets, what I felt was loving and supportive energy.  Watching a huge number of bikers on a mission of love made me examine the judgments of frightened parts of my personality that saw them as trouble on wheels.

However, the story doesn't end here.  That afternoon I was stretching my legs at a rest stop on our way home (I see how symbolic it is that I was stretching), when another two big men on motorcycles rode up and parked beside me.  I am very friendly with and curious about people, but I have never gone up to speak with big biker guys on motorcycles.  However, I wondered if they had been in Corvallis. They said no, they were just out for a ride, and in the process I realized how comfortable I was talking to them.  Then the most magical thing happened. One of the men began to Motorcycle Heaven gently arrange something inside the front of his leather jacket.   I didn't have a clear view at first, but then I saw the face of little dog looking at me.  It looked like a tiny fox, and it was wearing sunglasses!  This big man was carefully putting this little dog into a carrier inside his jacket so that only the face of this sweet little animal and its tiny sunglasses were showing.  He told me that his dog was in heaven every time he got to ride on the motorcycle.  Here is a picture of his little dog in its motorcycle heaven. 

My perception was forever changed that day.  Before then, a frightened part of my personality had prejudged riders of big motorcycles as people to avoid.  That day, both in Corvallis and at the rest stop, I opened to my intuition instead of acting on its judgments, and the results were wonderful.  I am now asking myself frequently, what other frightened parts of my personality are so familiar that I don't recognize them, even when they are judging other people and me?

With Love,





"Authentic empowerment is not gained by making
choices that do not stretch you."

-- Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul  


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