Soul Connections - September 2013

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Awakening to Authentic Power
Dear Spiritual Partner,

The differences between authentic power - alignment of the personality with the soul - and external power - ability to manipulate and control - are becoming inescapable at every level of our interactions.  Authentic power creates humbleness, clarity, forgiveness, and love.  External power seeks to control.  Authentic power creates harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life.  External power creates violence and destruction.  This is so whether we impose ourselves on colleagues, friends, or family members, and whether our nation imposes itself upon other nations or its own people.

We read with horror about the brutality spreading in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and every American city where police come in darkness to beat protesters and where the vast apparatus of our government is unleashed to spy upon our every activity; where enemies, real and suspected, are imprisoned in defiance of our constitution and laws, tortured, and killed.

Understanding the dynamics beneath these activities and the destruction or healing that they create requires a higher order of logic and understanding than we have employed until now.  It requires the wisdom and intelligence of the heart.

This higher order of logic and understanding is emerging in millions of us as we become multisensory.  The pursuit of control and domination - external power - brings us bitter fruits, and we suffer.  Love brings us gratitude, appreciation, care for others, and the healing power of the heart.

In our interpersonal relations and in our international relations the choice is ours.

The Seat of the Soul Institute supports you in creating authentic power.




  We Can Do Better Than Attack Syria

The requirements for our evolution have changed.  Survival is no longer sufficient.  Our evolution now  requires us to develop spiritually - to become emotionally aware and make responsible choices.  It requires us to align ourselves with the values of the soul - harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life.  A new understanding of power is replacing our old understanding of power as the ability to manipulate and control.  The old understanding of power has become counterproductive to our evolution.  What used to be good medicine has become poisonous.  Pursuit of the ability to manipulate and  control now produces only violence and destruction.  At no level of interaction from interpersonal to international can it produce anything else.


This is now evident, and it will become more evident.  The occupation of Iraq produced terrible consequences for us and Iraqis.  The invasion of Afghanistan  produced terrible consequences.  An attack on Syria  will produce worse.  The issue is not merely that it can create dangerous confrontations with Russia and China, directly or through their proxy Iran, or that it can strengthen the growing number of Jihadist in the Syrian resistance who are committed to the destruction of the United States, or that the Syrian stockpile of nerve gas could fall into their hands and reappear as horrifying clouds of death in American cities.  The issue is that every pursuit of external power - the ability to manipulate and control - now produces only violence and destruction.  

We are evolving as one species - not only as Americans, Syrians, Russians, Chinese, and Jihadists.  We cannot attack one without inflicting forms of violence and destruction upon ourselves.  This is our new reality.  Why wait to validate it?  We will regret attacking Syria.  Addressing the monstrous violence there without becoming part of it and damaging ourselves will require a radical change in orientation.  The question is not how we can manipulate and control forces in the Mideast and elsewhere to our advantage.  It is how we can create harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life.  This requires that we seriously ask ourselves how can we help those in the world who hate us the most.  

America is capable of this extraordinary transformation.  We rebuilt Germany after World War II.  How much money have we squandered in Iraq and Afghanistan?  One trillion dollars?  How much are we willing to spend to create a world of harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life to replace the world of discord, competition, hoarding, and exploitation that surrounds us?  How much wisdom, commitment, and courage would that require of us?

America has all these things and more.   Now we need to use them.




Accessing Authentic Power

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Linda FrancisI woke early that morning and was preparing to leave for the airport when the phone rang.  Our very upset daughter-in-law called to tell me to turn on the news, and that I would not be flying to San Diego that day.  I turned on the news just in time to see the second plane crash into the World Trade Center.  I was in shock like so many others. I couldn't believe this was happening.

At the same time, I had a very powerful realization as I was feeling the horror of what was happening. I knew deeply in my heart that we as a country and we as a human species had an opportunity of enormous magnitude. I knew that if we chose to respond rather than do what we had most frequently done in the past, we would begin to change the course of human history to one of courage and compassion.  If not, we would react in fear again by taking revenge and creating violence and destruction.  I pray this time we will as a country and a global community respond rather than react to yet another shocking event that has happened in Syria, and to the difficult events that happen daily interpersonally and internationally.


I have held this powerful realization in my heart since that time, and it has changed me. I was in a continuous reaction to a family member for many years.  That wakeup call on 9/11 changed me in significant ways.  I now respond rather than react much more often, I have peace within myself regarding this family member, and I am grateful for this. You also have the opportunity to look at whom you are reacting to in your life and make the giant leap from your fearful habitual reactions to the freedom that comes from choosing to respond because you want create the most constructive, powerful life that you can.

What will it take for you to have a wakeup call?  

With Love,




Until Next Time


"Eventually, you will come to understand that Love heals everything,
and Love is all there is"


-- Gary Zukav , The Seat of the Soul 

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