March 2013 Soul Connections

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NOTE FROM LINDA - What I Discovered About Humbleness
Awakening to Spiritual Partnership Course
Dear Spiritual Partner,  

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be as empowered as it is possible for you to be, to be on a track that leads you continually toward joy and meaning, vitality and richness, gratitude and contentment? These are the experiences of authentic power. They are also the experiences of Love. Love is not an emotion or a feeling. It is a state of being, and getting to and into and staying in that way of being may take you to places that you do not often associate with love - such as anger, jealousy, vindictiveness, and more, including every obsessive thought, compulsive activity, and addictive behavior you have. These are the parts of yourself that block your experiences of and expressions of Love. These experiences are the ones that you were born to heal, just as you were also born to give gifts that your soul wants you to give. Giving the gifts that you were born to give and healing the parts of your personality that prevent you from giving them - the parts that keep you from loving without restriction or reservation - combine in the creation of authentic power.


The characteristics of an authentically empowered personality are humbleness, clarity, forgiveness, and Love. Love is the big one. Each time you have the courage to feel the sensations beneath the impulse to shout in anger, withdraw in jealousy, judge or disdain, or need to please, for example, and instead of acting on it, act from the healthiest part of yourself that you can access - even if that means simply remaining motionless and silent with a good intention for the person or people you are with, you create authentic power. The more you create authentic power, the more the characteristics of authentic power become your characteristics, and the more meaning, purpose, and joy enter your life.


This Spring through the beginning of Summer, we are going to explore each of the characteristics of an authentically empowered personality in a different edition of Soul Connections. This month we are beginning with a characteristic of authentic power that few people have thought about - humbleness. What do you think it is, really? What do you think it is not, really? And last, why do you think it would be good to develop humbleness?


We are looking forward to sharing with you. 



A humble person walks in a familiar world. humbleness He or she sees friends everywhere he or she looks, wherever he or she goes, with whomever he or she meets. His or her perception goes beyond the shell of appearance and into essence. He or she sees the attributes of people around him or her - big body, small body, strong body, weak body, quick intellect, slow intellect, yellow skin, brown skin, male or female, young or old - and on and on - as costumes. He or she does not believe that anyone will change this costume at the end of the day, but he or she also knows that everyone will leave it behind at the end of a lifetime. Ashes will return to ashes, and dust will return to dust. That is the way it is with costumes. They do not last forever. They do not even last very long - a century at best and much less for most people. The soul is a different story. The soul is immortal. 


So the humble person is not as interested in these temporary clothes as in what is wearing them. The soul is wearing them. When a friend walks into the room with a dress or suit that you do not like, do you stop liking your friend? You know about her. You know her challenges, hopes, and aspirations. You know how difficult her life is, as is yours,  and that it also has experiences of elation, joy, and contentment, or at least how much she wants to have these experiences. You cannot feel superior to her because you know how much your life is like hers. The humble person see everyone as a friend because he or she knows that everyone's life is as complex and as difficult as his or her own. How could he or she ever push anyone away who is on the same challenging journey that he or she is on, and so often struggling just as hard. That is what makes the world friendly to a humble person. He or she sees the soul that is wearing the costume and loves that soul, even if the personality (costume) is difficult to be around for too long, or is angry, or jealous.


The next time you feel less than someone else, inadequate, or inferior, remember that "humbleness" does not have anything to do with those experiences any more than it means lowering yourself to make a connection. There are no lower levels to a humble person. There are no higher levels, either. There are only souls. There is only love. Humbleness is one of the great gifts of authentic power - and you give it to yourself.


Next month, we will look at "Clarity."  It might surprise you, too. 


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  Linda Francis

Someone recently told me that she felt humble when she was around some people who were teaching her and others something new. I asked her what she meant by that, and she said that she felt inadequate. I asked her to read about humbleness in The Seat of the Soul so that she could see what that word means in the true sense or essence of it (it doesn't have anything to do with feeling inadequate). Then I began my own exploration of this beautiful word.


I began by reading yet again some parts of The Seat of the Soul that talk about humbleness. It is always a joy for me to reread parts of The Seat of the Soul. I wanted to understand what this word represents in a deeper way. As I opened myself to the true meaning of being humble, I began to recall people I associate with humbleness, such as Gandhi. I then opened myself to remembering when I felt humble, and at first I could not recall any experiences. Then I decided to meditate and see what experiences I might remember.


I realized that when I am not in the control of a frightened part of my personality, for example, when I am not controlled by anger, jealousy, etc., I naturally experience humbleness. Each time I become interested in another person and speak with him or her and allow myself to become sensitive to him or her and concerned about him or her, that is humbleness. I realized that when I feel humble, the world seems filled with friendly people, and everyone I see is interesting, and I am open to everyone I see. I also saw that when I am humble, people sometimes speak to me in ways that are surprising, even to them. They share things that are important about their lives, and they are often interested in my life.

I love these experiences. When I am humble, I feel close to everyone. They seem like fellow students, or fellow travelers, on a great and wondrous adventure, and I am glad to be on this
adventure with them, just as I am glad to be on it with you.






Until Next Time...


"Humble spirits are free to love and to be who they are.
They have no artificial standards to live up to."


-- Gary Zukav, Seat of the Soul  


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