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MESSAGE FROM GARY - The Shocking Truth About Compassion
Awakening to Spiritual Partnership Course
Dear Spiritual Partner,  

February 14th is a celebration of romantic love in the United States. Millions of long-stem roses and heart-shaped boxes are exchanged. Almost everyone in the U.S. has celebrated Valentine's Day, but few have examined romantic love. They know that it can be transformed into something much more wonderful and completely different, but usually it comes to a painful end. It is a good-feeling ride while it last, but it never does.


Look at it this way. If your Valentine found another to replace you, would you still want to give her or him flowers and candy? Love does not expect or demand. It exists without strings, second agendas, or conditions. The pain of "unrequited love" is actually the pain of unrequited need. "Unconditional love" is redundant. Unrequited need is always painful, whether it is need of affection, recognition, wealth, fame, or just attention. The difference between love and need is now very important to our evolution. We cannot evolve without learning to distinguish one from the other and choose love no matter what. This is called creating authentic power.


We have created a brand-new program to support you in creating authentic power. We call it the Authentic Power Learning Community. Its sole and soul purpose is to provide you tools to accelerate your spiritual growth. The Authentic Power Learning Community not only teaches you how to create authentic power, but it also provides you experiences, practice opportunities, and the company of others who are doing the same. We have been planning and developing the Authentic Power Learning Community for years. Now we are excited to offer it. You can read more in the announcement below.  

The difference between what appears as love and love, for example, between care-taking and compassion, is as big as the difference between contributing and exploiting. This is a new way of looking at love. Valentine's Day provides you an excellent opportunity to explore this difference and change your life. 




An alcoholic demanded to return home  from a February Blog treatment center. His wife felt that being home where she could take care of him was a good thing even though the staff at the center strongly advised otherwise. Once she had assisted with his return, she did her best, as she had over their years together, to love him with tenderness, encourage him to stop drinking, create distractions, and generally try to make him feel good about himself, or at least better. She appealed to his reason (this didn't work when he was drunk), and addressed the needs of the most frightened parts of his personality when they were active. For example, he would say, "No one cares for me," and she would say, "Of course people love you." He would say "I am washed up," and she would say, "You have so much to give." He would say, "I can't start again," and she would say, "When the going gets tough the tough get going."


He feared experiencing the emotional pain that years of drinking no longer masked (which is what the center would have required him to do). His wife feared his rage, mood swings, irrationality, and drinking. Three months after his return home, he drowned in his vomit in bed, too incoherent or weak to prevent his death. There was no compassion in this picture. Neighbors may have thought the wife was compassionate, but what would they think if they realized that her choices assisted his death? Her fears and his fears prevented them from listening to professionals who know about alcoholism.


Compassion is loving others enough to say or do what is appropriate from an empowered heart without attachment to the outcome. His wife did not say, "You can't come back - not to my home - until you start to change yourself." Nor did she say, "You are a tornado in this house, destructive to me, our children, and everyone around you. Leave this morning and don't return until you stop drinking." She probably could not have forced him into treatment, but she might have been able legally to force him from the house he used for shelter while he drank with no responsibilities. Although these actions may seem hard or cruel, they would have been compassionate choices, and they would have required her to challenge every part of her personality that felt unjust, inhuman, or guilty. And her husband might still be alive. Might be. The choice to drink or not - to experience his pain and change or not - was always his. It was his last choice.


We each make choices moment to moment. Sometime we make them from fear, and sometimes we make them in love. Only choices made in love are compassionate. There are no exceptions. Do you have the courage to act with an empowered heart without attachment to the outcome? If not, you have no ability to give or experience compassion. That is the shocking truth.   


Please share your thoughts with me on I enjoy reading them.   




Authentic Power Learning Community


Authentic Power Learning Community


  • Supportive, safe, interactive environment    
  • Connect with others to learn, experience, practice creating Authentic Power and Spiritual Partnerships.    
  • View Gary Zukav and Linda Francis live on your screen, ask questions directly, explore in small groups right from your own home!

Create Authentic Power and Spiritual Partnerships!


For more about the new Authentic Power Learning Community click here:    


Humanity is transforming in dramatic ways. Become a conscious contributor now.




 Linda Francis

I have had a dream since we completed our first retreat about  authentic power and spiritual partnership almost two decades ago. I knew we would be able to create a way to stay connected and learn together in a community of people who wanted to the same thing. I felt that there would come a time when this would be possible for anyone globally who was interested in living a more conscious, love based, and powerful way to come together on an ongoing basis. This time has come.


This dream has come true, and we are calling it the Authentic Power Learning Community. You are invited to be among the first to be part of this low-cost program whose intention is to frequently remind you of why you are here, show you how to create authentic power, and allow you to be part of a global community of people who doing the same thing. The internet and other technologies available now allow us to be interconnected in new and participatory ways. I am grateful that anyone can join us without ever coming to a retreat or workshop or talk.


My spiritual growth is my highest priority, and I mean specifically aligning my personality with my soul. If this is your highest priority, you will find that this community will be beneficial, engaging, enriching, and empowering to you in ways that you have only dreamed about or have yet to dream. I invite you to join Gary and me and make this dream your reality. 






Until Next Time...


"Eventually, you will come to understand that love heals everything,

and love is all there is."

-- Gary Zukav, Seat of the Soul  


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