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Awakening to Spiritual Partnership Course
Dear Spiritual Partners,  


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful outpouring of love for Gary. You have made the Celebrate Gary's 70th Birthday page into a remarkable experience. I so appreciate the stories you shared of how you have been touched by, or resonated with, what Gary said on Oprah shows, at events, in programs, or in any other way you heard Gary share about authentic power and spiritual partnership, or harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life, or the emerging multisensory humanity and our new potential.


I feel although it was wonderful celebration of Gary on the 70th anniversary of his entrance into the Earth school, it was also a celebration of the commitment, courage, and compassion of all of us. Your stories were so inspiring that it became unmistakable to me that you not only resonated with what you received from Gary, but that you are applying it in your life in ways that just touch my heart.


I realized two things today. First, that we are not going to be able to post all of the beautiful emails, letters, photos, videos, drawings, poems, and other gifts of love that are still pouring in to celebrate Gary's birthday. And second, it's time to complete this celebration and move to our next step.


We feel this page is so precious that we are going to keep it available as an archive so that you can come to it any time you want to be inspired or recommend it to others. In fact, I recommend that you experiment with applying in your own life anything that reading some of these beautiful sharings has inspired in you. For example, you can pick one sharing each week that inspires something in you, and see how you can bring that into being in your life.



Linda Francis


I feel such a deep connection with you, even if we have never met, because the outpouring of love for Gary to celebrate his 70th birthday has been soul to soul. This is so deeply touching to me. When I had the idea to celebrate Gary's birthday this way, I had no idea how much it was going to affect me. I have felt all the love, appreciation, gratitude, and support sent Gary's way. It has been so heart-warming to me to feel how profoundly we affect one another.


So many gifts of love were coming in - and still are - that I quickly realized I would need to challenge the frightened part of my personality that feels overwhelmed to receive all of this or says, "What have I gotten myself into now?" or "I can't possibility handle all of this." I challenged that part of me so that I could enjoy each email and letter and video and photo and gift of any kind. When I noticed that someone I knew had not sent a photo, I would look for a photo of that person to put with their sharing (and I learned how to edit photos). I knew this was taking many hours of my time, but I thought, "This is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing at this moment, because this isn't just to celebrate Gary. It is really a celebration of each other."


I feel so supported and inspired to see so many of you creating authentic power in your lives and opening yourselves to spiritual partnerships. I know that my commitment to choosing love, especially when fear is present in me, and my courage to be in my integrity and take responsibility for that which is mine to be responsible for allows me to be aware of the joy and compassion and love that it is always with me. I am so clear that the world changes each time I change myself, and it changes each time you change yourself. It changes every time any one of us changes himself or herself, and I love changing the world this way.





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CELEBRATING EACH OTHER  Celebrating Each Other

The Celebrating Gary's 70th Birthday page that Linda created turned out to be more profound for me than I imagined it could. In the process of reading, hearing, and watching the many forms of appreciation that I received, I discovered that I appreciated the people who sent them and for the same reasons they were appreciating me! The more I read of their courage, open hearts, commitment, and compassion, the more I found myself celebrating them. The deepest appreciation we have for one another is not for what we do, but that we are here together, like it or not, continually offering one another opportunities to grow spiritually. Each time we experience an attraction or repulsion, we are offered an opportunity to grow spiritually. Each time we encounter someone we love or someone we despise, we are offered an opportunity. At first it seems that spiritual growth happens only when we open our hearts to people who open theirs to us.  Then we discover that we grow spiritually when we open our hearts to people who do not open their hearts to us. This is where the real celebration begins - the celebration of everyone and everything because of the opportunities they give us without fail to grow spiritually.


Once we see this, we celebrate everything. Like students in a 3D, surround-sound, high-definition, full-color, cast-of-billions educational environment that provides them exactly what each needs to grow spiritually, moment by moment, we see how our attractions and repulsions, people we love and people we hate, and people who love us and people who hate us, all give us opportunities to respond with love or react with fear. Responding with love creates bliss. Reacting with fear creates pain. Recognizing the difference and acting on it - choosing love no matter what - is spiritual growth.


Thank you for celebrating me. It is a joy to celebrate you. What better gift could we receive and share?  




The Journey Continues    

"If one person grieves at his or her experiences while another
is able to laugh, who is the lighter? Who is harmless?
The heart that dances is the innocent heart.
It is the dancing heart that is harmless."

  -- Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul   


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