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LTC students have early morning worship to start the day   

In this issue of CMO news:  A wedding,   weekend outreach trips, Boy Scout camporee, and an unexpected moment at immigration.  These stories and more! 
Unexpected Moments by Sharon Filbeck

We set off at midnight to claim a spot in the queue to get a queue number, and arrived close to one o'clock in the morning.  There were a few stools with water
Sharon Filbeck, LTC Professor. Sharon currently teaches and is developing curriculum for courses on Marriage& Family, Biblical Leadership, and Team Building.  
bottles holding spots and a few guardians of said water bottles asleep on the ledge near the stools. We took our place behind them and relaxed with some snacks, determined to make the most of the adventure. By dawns arrival, the lines began to fill out and down the parking lot. The eldest grandmother in our midst warned off patrons that parking was prohibited in the queue area. A motley crew of students arrived doing their best imitation of the musical "Grease" with tricked-out cars, cigarettes, and obligatory fashionistas. Only one line-jumper tried to switch lines at the last minute, and found himself the focus of loud complaint among the patient crowd.  Read the whole story here.
The Future is in God's Hands  by Surachai "Bus" Jafu
(Part 2 of our "Meet our Co-Workers" Series)
(In our last newsletter we introduced you to LTC professors Nopachai and Kanyala. 
In this issue we introduce you to Mr. Surachia "Bus" Jafu)
Bus & Saengla Jafu

My name is Surachai Jafu, but people call "Bus". I was born into a poor christian family, the third child of four. My parents worked in the orchards located in the mountains. During my first yeas of school I attended a school near my home village, it only had kindergarten through 6th grade. When I was in 4th grade my father passed away, and my mother had to take care of four children by herself. Mom was able to send me to school through grade 6. But after that I dropped for two years to work and help mom.  

After two years I was able to continue my schooling. Because I was still working to help support my family, I could not go back into the regular school system, but was able to continue my education through an alternative school system that met to study every Sunday afternoon.                                                                                
 During that time I wanted to go to
Bus (left) shares a lighthearted moment in LTC faculty seminar.
Bible College and every night would pray asking God to send me someplace I could study the Bible after I finished high school. About that time I met a church leader who told me if I finished my secondary education he would send me to a Bible College. But in the end that leader did not follow through on his promise. I did not know what to do. It was very close to the enrollment period for colleges, including Bible Colleges. I continued to pray pleading Him to send his child to Bible College, because His child wants to serve Him. During my last week of high school  , in fact on the last day of high school, a relative suggested to my mother that Lanna Theological Center was still taking applications. On the last day of the application period I went to enroll at LTC.

I studied at LTC just over four years. During those four years I thought about how I could serve the Lord. I began to think about becoming a Bible professor at a Bible college. But I didn't think this would be possible because I did not have enough Bible knowledge. I was also thinking about opening a dormitory for children who did not have a father or mother, or whose parents were too poor to send them to school. The children could come stay at my dorm and study. After I completed my studies at LTC I got experience working at this kind of dormitory ministry for two years. I also enrolled in the Community Development degree program a Rajabhat University because I thought this would be good information to use in a dorm ministry alongside my Bible education.

After two years working in the dorm ministry I was asked to return to LTC as a professor. I have been teaching h
Bus & Saengla's wedding
ere for about two years, have completed my BA at Rajabhat, and have just enrolled in the Master of Ministry program through Bangkok Bible Seminary.

In August 2016 I married Ms. Saengla. She is finishing up her Bible College studies. When she finishes we will serve God together.
I thank and praise Almighty God that I am able to follow my vision for ministry. Saengla and I are committed to serving the Lord wherever He sends us, teaching here at LTC, or to the mission field. I have learned to trust the Lord, everything is in His hands, even our future.

Where He sends, we will go.
Surachai "Bus" Jafu

CLD Program Equips 24 More Leaders for Church & Community
Congratulations CLD leaders for Church & Community
An important component of our strategy to train and equip Biblical leadership for Church and Community is our CLD program. This program is designed for leaders who are unable to attend our traditional training programs on the LTC campus.  Many of the leaders in the CLD program come from another country. This 1-2 year program offers 12 intensive courses in basic Bible knowledge, doctrinal understanding, and leadership skills.   In August 2016 our second group of   25 leaders (mostly from across the Mae Khong River) completed the CLD course.  Please keep these new leaders in your prayers as they serve our Lord in difficulty and persecution.  
Picture Gallery:  August 2016 Activities! 
Above: LTC Director Carmen Filbeck interviews 2 new students for the Fall 2016 session
Below:  Looking across the Mae Khong river into Laos at evening.
Upper: LTC Faculty Development Seminar.

Lower:  LTC Student Wandee is doing a youth ministry internship with the Khmu churches in Chiang Khong


Above: Broom Guitar? While the LTC worship band played inside, these young boys imitated the band using brooms for guitars.  Future LTC students?
Below:David is Unit Commissioner for BSA Far East Council (Thailand).  During the 2016 Camporee he explains BSA to local officials.  In blue shirt Mr.Tawatchai MOE Director of Private Schools, Chiang Mai. Left:  M.L Nisamanee (M.L. is an aristocratic title)

Upper: LTC Students outreach team.

Lower:  24 CLD trained leaders ready to lead in Church and Community.

LTC students planting rice.

David & Sharon hosting the annual  LTC Family Texas Bar B Que:  Brisket and beans! 

Top:  LTC Staff families enjoying some Northern Thai food, farewell party for our interns Nick Vacca & Samuel Filbeck Below


LTC Students and Staff lead worship for the annual "Holy City Chiang Mai". A huge night of prayer for the city of Chiang Mai, Christians from all over the city and province of Chiang Mai participate.



Fall, 2016 Schedule
Carmen Filbeck will return to Thailand on September 30 and will continue to work towards registering LTC with the government as a special school for religious education.  This is one of the requirements we need to complete in order to apply for education visas for our foreign students.

David & Sharon will return to the US October 1st to help with mom and dad, attend the International Convention on Missions in Lexington, KY, and visit supporting churches.  If you would like to have David & Sharon visit your church and give a report on the ministry in Thailand, please contact them ASAP at  They will be in the US for about two months There are only 3-4 Sundays still open.

David & Sharon's Fall Schedule:

Oct 1st. CMO Board Meeting, Dallas TX
Oct 2nd Valley View Christian Church, Dallas TX
Oct.9 Gateway Christian Church, Aurora CO
Oct. 16 First Christian Church, Anna IL
Oct. 23 OPEN  
Oct. 30 OPEN
Nov. 6 Compass Christian Church, Colleyville, TX
Nov. 13 Hill N Dale Christian Church, Lexington, KY
Nov. 17-20 ICOM (Missionary Convention)  visit our booth #113-115
Nov.20-27 Thanksgiving with Family
Dec. 4 Open 
We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.  You may click here for a Print version of this newsletter.   




The CMO Team 
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Ken & Kathy Filbeck
David & Sharon Filbeck