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October  2015 Report
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Carmen Filbeck (left) & Sharon Filbeck at the LTC booth we set up at a church conference to recruit  future leaders for training.
We continue to experience the mighty hand of God at work at Lanna Theological Center.  Baptisms; Bible Study; Kidney Transplants; These and other stories are included in this  report.

"When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus" Acts 19:5
David Filbeck baptizes Mr. Somkit in our fish pond.
Our ministry at Lanna Theological Center is to prepare young men and women for Biblical based leadership in church and community.  Our leaders in training are all believers in Jesus Christ who are committed to serving the Lord and advancing His kingdom.  They come from many different social economic, educational, and  church backgrounds.  Sometimes that leads us to an experience that is very similar to what Paul experienced in the Ephesian church.  In Acts 19, Luke tells us that while visiting the church in Ephesus the Apostle Paul "found some disciples" (Acts 19: 1b NASB) who had not been fully taught about the baptism of Jesus.  After hearing Paul's teaching on Christian baptism, the disciples "were baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus"  (Acts 19: 5 NASB)

Mr. Somkit is a first year student at LTC. He comes from a neighboring country where the church is persecuted.  Like the disciples in Ephesus, Mr. Somkit is a disciple of Jesus who had not been fully taught about Christian baptism. Our team here at LTC gently taught Mr. Somkit  and after two months of teaching
LTC Students and staff pray for Mr. Somkit following his baptism. 
  and praying Mr. Somkit was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Praise the Lord!

Please pray for Mr. Somkit (and all our students) as they grow in Christ and prepare for servant leadership in His kingdom here in South East Asia.

LTC Professor receives a new kidney
Two years ago LTC professor Mr. Santi was diagnosed with kidney disease and endured twice weekly dialysis. This past summer Mr. Santi requested a change from being a full professor to being an adjunct professor and teach only one class, his illness making him too weak to do much more. We were saddened by this change, but in the end we see it was God's hand at work.  In September Mr. Santi got a 3 am phone call from the hospital saying a donor kidney had been found.  Mr. Santi was #8 on the list of possible matches and that he should prepare for surgery in less than 12 hours if he is indeed the best match.  As soon as we heard the news we began praying.  By noon Mr. Santi was 3rd on the list.  By early afternoon he was called in to do one last match check. There was one other person left on the list and the doctors needed to determine who was the best candidate. By that evening Mr. Santi was in surgery receiving a new kidney. 
David & Sharon Filbeck, Carmen Filbeck (right to left) & LTC students visit Mr. Santi (wearing mask) at his home following kidney transplant..

It has been a rough two months. Mr. Santi had to be admitted to the hospital a week after being discharged because of  complications. He is on a lot of medication. Occasionally he still has to have a dialysis treatment.    It will be a 1-3 year process of healing for Mr. Santi before he knows how much the new kidney will function.

We are so thankful to God for providing good medical care and facilities here in Chiang Mai and for Mr. Santi's new kidney.  Please continue to pray for his healing and return to full strength. He is a valuable servant in God's kingdom in SE Asia.
Bible Study and Mentoring

Carmen Filbeck(left) introduces LTC students to the wonders of Tex-Mex cuisine
Girls dorm devotions at Sharon Filbeck's house Making an apple & Snickers Bar dessert.

A lot of the leadership training provided by LTC takes place in the formal setting of a classroom.  But an important part of preparing young people for leadership takes place in building relationships through mentoring outside the classroom.  Sometimes this is accomplished by taking students to the mall for fun, fellowship, and food.  Sometimes it is  devotions with students in our home. 
Campus Development Up-date. 
The roof is almost completed
  Slow but steady.  The roof is almost completed, the last of the adobe block will be up by end of November. We now turn our attention to wiring, plumbing, lights, fans, and maybe most important of all-- PAINT!!.  Read below the interesting method of how we are choosing the colors for our new building.

Community of Blessing 
COB medical Director, Dr. Ken Filbeck (left) consults with COB volunteer staff
Keep our  next COB medical trip in your prayers. We are planning a trip back to where CMO first began,  Nan province, in some new villages of the Lua language group. We will be coordinating with LTC graduate Mr. Prawanwit who is the evangelist reaching out to these villages to plant churches.   We have room for just a few more volunteers.     More information on how to apply and costs can be found HERE.
We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.  You may click here for a Print version of this newsletter.   




The CMO Team 
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Ken & Kathy Filbeck
David & Sharon Filbeck