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September  2015 Report
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Carmen Filbeck greets alumni & graduates coming in for 2015 home coming & graduation.

What month isn't a busy month for us here in Chiang Mai?  The 2014-2015 school year ended in August and before we knew it September was upon us and we were starting the first trimester of the 2015-1026 school year; welcoming both new and returning students, upgrading dorm and classroom facilities.  We also had the Lanna Theological Center 2015 homecoming and graduation in the month of September. These stories and more  are included in this newsletter.

Training More Workers for the Harvest.
"Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest" Matthew 9:38  
The 2015-2016 school year at Lanna Theological Center began September 14.  New and returning church leaders in training began to arrive on Saturday and Sunday to move into the dorms and register for classes.  This year we have 24 students enrolled at the main LTC campus and 3 students completing their internship in their ministry location.  We also have 25 lay leaders from a neighboring country enrolled in our non-traditional Church leadership Development program. In total we are equipping and training 52 church planters and leaders from 5 different language groups  serving in two SE Asian countries.

First Year Students at Lanna Theological Center.
This year we welcome 7 new church leaders in training. They come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have a heart to serve God in His harvest fields of South East Asia.  Three are from a neighboring country and will return to plant and lead new churches in that oppressed country.  Two grew up as orphans (one has a vision  to minister in orphanages).  A third student worked with a deaf ministry many years ago before going to work with Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN, Thailand) as a video technician.  Last year he heard the call of God to return to work with the deaf ministry and enrolled at LTC to  be better equipped for that special ministry.

2015-2016 Lanna Theological Center Student body and some of the faculty and staff.

Please keep all these young men and women in your prayers daily. They are the future leaders of the church in South East Asia. Indeed some are already serving in local churches as they continue their studies at LTC! 


A September Home Coming and Graduation

A fall homecoming may not be that unusual. But a September graduation?  The reason for the unusual date is simple.  Our administrative assistant, Mrs. Fan, was on maternity leave last spring during the crucial months prior to the traditional spring date.  Mrs. Fan's knowledge and experience are vital to the planning and execution of large events like this. She has all the phone numbers of all the vendors with whom we need to coordinate!  The solution for us was simple:  postpone graduation to the fall and hold it the same weekend as home coming.

Graduates & Professors, LTC September 2015
Graduation was held September 26th, 2015 at the Abba House Foundation Convention Hall.  Over 200 family and friends attended to celebrate 32 graduates of  LTC.  18 were graduates of the tradition BTh program.  Another 14 (12 were able to attend the ceremony) received certificates from the  Church Leadership Development program. These young men and women are leaders in churches throughout Thailand and Laos. They come from 7 different language groups.

We are excited to see where God will lead them in service in the years to come. Please join in prayer with us for them, and for the hundreds of other leaders trained at LTC and serving in churches and communities throughout the region.

2015 LTC Home Coming

 Mrs. Wipawadii speaking at LTC Homecoming.

Prior to Graduation we had home coming on Friday, September 25th, also at the Abba House Foundation facilities.  Over 150 alumni attended the buffet dinner and worship.  We invited 4 graduates of LTC, each one from a different era, to give their testimony of how God has led them in their service over the years. 
Catching up with LTC Alums Mr. Kasem & Mr. Bundit. Both faithfully serving in churches in N. Thailand.

One of our first graduates, Mrs. Wipawadii, was a young lady in the youth group David and his brother Dr. Ken Filbeck worked with during their internship in 1982.  Mrs. Wipawadii attended LTC in the 1980s when it was called the Institute for Biblical Studies.  She served as girls dorm resident director  when David & Sharon arrived in 1987.  Since that time she has assisted her husband in ministries in Southern & Northern Thailand.  She and her husband currently are serving with a church outreach here in Chiang Mai.

Facilities Upgrade and Construction Report by Sharon Filbeck
This summer we were blessed by the teams that came to participate in the medical outreach through Community of Blessings. One of the key components is time with the Lanna Theological Center students, and the time on campus. This was a beautiful experience of team building and bonding, and shared life.
New Lockers for the dorms.
One of the outcomes from this trip was a sizable donation for the students. LTC was able to make several dorm life and student life improvements sooner than we anticipated. We are so thankful for Dorothy Stickles and her heart for the students. We were able to purchase 25 new mattresses (standardized dormitory/hospital grade with pvc covers), 30 "lockers" for storing personal belongings, we fixed 8 beds for new students, installed 3 cross-ventilation fans, and added 4 new wardrobes. These additions and upgrades were for both the men and women's dormitories. This was a huge boost to morale. Thank you Dorothy for starting our new term off with a big jump!!

Community of Blessing 

Our next COB medical trip is scheduled for January 6-10, 2016.  We have room for 3-4 more volunteers.  Anyone can volunteer.   More information on how to apply and costs can be found HERE.
Campus Development Up-date. 
Looking across the inner courtyard, from the entrance towards the student lounge.
We are on track to complete the construction of the Classroom Building by February-March, 2016.  God has provided all the needed funding for this project. We will soon start purchasing the fixtures, such as fans and lights.  These pictures begin to give a pretty good idea of what the finished building will look like.  Weekly updates are posted on our Facebook page.
Inner courtyard walkway past classrooms.

Student lounge area.
We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.  You may click here for a Print version of this newsletter.   




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