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July 2015
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David & Sharon Filbeck with LTC graduate Duangjit "Jit" Sankhampae

"I was cleaning the office at LTC and I saw an article on 'Why Bible Translation?' From that day onward my vision was to do Bible Translation"

In this issue read about LTC graduate Duangjit Sankhampae's journey to becoming one of the first cross-cultural missionaries trained by Lanna Theological Center.  You will also read about the exciting growth taking place at  Gate of Heaven Church and  catch up on the construction progress of the new campus.
Missionary to the Katang People

Duangjit (Jit) Sankhampae is a 2010 graduate of Lanna Theological Center.  On June 21, 2015  Jit's home church commissioned her to be a missionary to the Katang people. according to Joshua Project statistics there are 150,000 Katang living in Laos making them the 6th largest people group in that country.  There is one known Katang Church in Laos with about 100 members (source:  Joshua Project)

Jit commissioning1
Representatives from Heaven's Gate Church promise their commitment to support Jit (far left) spiritually, and financially.

Jit became interested in missions and Bible translation while a student at LTC.  One day she was cleaning the offices and saw a small booklet on one of the professor's desk.  The book was titled "Why Bible Translation". It was the story of a missionary family that went to a remote village as Bible Translators. From that point forward Jit has worked towards being a missionary Bible translator.  Her internship was with Wycliffe, Thailand.  She enrolled in the International Program at the state university (Rajabhat University) to improve her English skills.  She was an exchange student in Egypt and Hungary.

Jit (3rd from right) with her family.  Jit's father (2nd from right) and her mother (4th from right)

The past year she has been raising her support to go full time with Wyciffe, Thailand.  She will be doing literacy work among the Katang people and other language groups. She will be learning the Katang language while living  in in Mukdahan Province, located in the East of Thailand on the Lao border.

 What makes this a unique endeavor is that she is required to raise her own support from the national churches.  Jit's home congregation is the Gate of Heaven Church here in San Sai (established by professors and students of LTC) and is her primary supporting church.

Watch Jit's testimony on video. These promotional videos are what she uses in her fund raising.  They are made for the Thai churches English subtitles have been added. If you would like to support Jit as a missionary contact David Filbeck for information at

Jit was the first student to benefit from the LTC work study scholarship program.  Would you consider providing a  scholarship for other missionaries in training like Jit?  Click on LTC WORK STUDY or NEXT STEP SCHOLARSHIP and help train and equip  a future church leader  TODAY.

Building, Growing, AND Sending:  Gate of Heaven Church
Question: How many churches can go through a building program, start a new church plant, AND send out their first missionary all at the same time? 

New Building, Gate of Heaven Church
Answer:  The Gate of Heaven Church

Gate of Heaven Church  is a true example of an indigenous church.  It was started by professors and students from Lanna Theological Center.  LTC graduate (and board member) Bunseom Sankhampae (Jit's uncle) became lead minster and evangelist for the church after graduation.  Under his leadership the church has not only grown in membership, but has also started a new church plant in Mae Rim district (30 minutes from San Sai) Read more about Bunseom and Gate of Heaven Church in our April, 2013 blog here

The church 
Evangelist Bunseom baptizing new Christians from church plant in Mae Rim
leadership is completely Thai, and they are self supporting. Over the past two years the Gate of Heaven Church tore down their building and built a new one 4 times as large. The original building was built less than 10 years ago and had seating for about 50 people.  The new building has seating for up to 200.   On June 21 following Jit's commissioning service we celebrated two baptisms.  The man and woman baptized are from the new church plant in Mae Rim. 

New Campus Update

Lanna Theological Center is committed to training and equipping more missionaries like Jit and more evangelists like Bunsoem who will go make an impact for Christ in the communities of South East Asia.  This is why we are building a new and larger campus, so that we can provide more educational and training opportunities for even more church leaders.

Building Fund Update: $48,700 NEEDED TO COMPLETE!
We are now only $48,700 short of our goal for completing the new classroom building.  $18,700 is needed to fulfill the building contract obligations.  Another $30,000 is needed for fixtures and landscaping not included in the building contract. We need an immediate $700 to buy the bathroom fixtures before pipes and laid and the floor poured.  Another $500 is needed to buy the landscaping dirt for the interior courtyard. This needs to be in place before constructing the walls.  More information is available at our website

Construction Update:
WE HAVE POWER!!!!!!  After months of waiting, deadlines promised and ignored, the local electric authority finally came and hooked up our temporary meter.  We can now use our own well for water to make our blocks. We can also use the machine that is needed to pulverize the dirt for our rammed earth walls  (it takes a lot of juice to keep it running).

This week we are pouring the footings and pillars.  We are trying to get this completed before the rains really begin, other wise the cement trucks will not be able to access the building site.  Once the footings are poured we will need to bring in the landscape dirt for the inner courtyard (before we block the truck entrance with walls). We will also need to purchase our bathroom fixtures so we know where to place the water and sewer pipes.  Each brand has its own unique design so we must plan ahead.








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