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May 2015
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Greetings from Thailand.  We just finished our Hot Season break and started the second term of the year.   Students and staff were busy doing ministry in multiple places.    One student commented that "seeing how hungry people are for God's Word makes me more motivated to study and learn so I can teach them."    That is what Lanna Theological Centre is all about.    We covet your prayers for the this 3 month term;  that students will be challenged and encouragement and made ready to serve.   
Church Leadership Development Program Continues with a New Group!
We are happy to report that at the Second  Church Leadership Development Certificate program started with 25 new leaders from 2 countries.   This group includes 3 pastor wives and 2 teenagers who asked to sit in and learn!  Those enrolled in this program are lay leaders in newly established churches who can not attend a traditional 4 year college. 

These leaders were able to share reports from the first group of leaders who have recently completed the program.   All are continuing to serve their churches with greater confidence and effectiveness.   Several leaders have begun to evangelize another ethic group.  Several new churches have been planted among this group already!    


Update on Youth Camps
Last month we told you about three students who planned to hold youth camps in their country and the reports are amazing.  All three said the camps and follow ups were beyond expectations.    Lert and Hin reported at over 100 youth attended the 3 day camp.   The youth were starved for the Word. 

At the end of the camp they begged Lert and Hin to promise to return next year.    They said, "We believe in Jesus, but we really don't understand salvation.  Please teach us next year."  Then, they emptied their pockets and donated $100 towards the cost.  

Cham, Hin and another LTC student held a camp for church leaders.   In that district there is no trained pastor.  They expected 30 and 70 people attended.  Some came from a  remote village  2 days walk away.   Cham kept trying to give them breaks during the day and the people refused.   They told the students to "keep going we want to hear more."  The camp was not without opposition.  Cham reported that several of the non christians in the area reported "treasonous activity" to the authorities and asked the police to arrest the "trouble makers".  Cham said after talking with the Christians and praying,  the decision was made to carry on.  If the authorities came and arrested them, they would witness to the authorities. Cham said that afterward he heard the authorities were "afraid to come".  He said "The power of prayer!"

After camp, Cham went around visiting the Christians.   He reports that he baptized 11 people this last month.    He just finished his freshman year.     
LTC Student Lert (red shirt) batizing.

Construction Update: Reports like those from Lert, Hin, and Cham encourage us to continue expanding the LTC campus so we can train, equip, and send even more church planters and leaders!
PEA stretching power lines across the road.
In an earlier Facebook report we told you the electricity was finally hooked up. That report was a bit premature. Here is a revised update on the Electricity:

We have been praying and waiting for the Provincial Electric Authority to come hook up our 3 Phase power. After more than 9 months of inactivity we begin to make progress.  The PEA came and stretched the high power lines from our pole (inside our property) across the toad to the public utility pole outside.  Two days later they came and actually attached the lines to the high power lines providing the electricity.  We hope sometime soon they will return and hook up the meter. 
An inspector from the PEA came to inspect the process and he was slightly confused as to why the meter was not attached when the linemen came and attached the wires.  He is looking into it and said within a week we should have our meter.

Construction:  We continue making adobe blocks.  We had hoped to have completed all 25,000 blocks by mid May but the heavy rains have slowed us down.  However our contractor has told us they will begin building the foundation late this week or early next week.  (we will need our electric meter
Field of Blocks:  Build it so they can come!
by then to run the heavy electric machines

We continue to raise the last amount of our construction cost. We need to make the second payment of the construction contract before starting the foundation and roof. ($87,000).   The third installment ($87,000) is due upon completion of the foundation and roof (sometime mid summer). We praise God we have raised the funds to carry us through the third payment of the contract.  In March-April we raised $7,000 with commitments for another $3,000. This leaves us  $50,000 short of installments 4 and 5 to raise by January 2016.  Continue to pray for this funding need.  Information on how  you can help complete this building on schedule AND debt free here.
Carmen To the US for the Summer 
Carmen meets with LTC Executive team before leaving for 3 months in the US
Carmen will be in the USA for the summer.  She leaves Thailand May 21st and will return August 11th.    She will be based out of Nixa, MO.   

Her plans are to visit with supporters while continuing to work on curriculum development for Lanna Theological Centre.    She is hoping to connect with as many folks as possible to give a personal update on what is happening at Lanna Theological Centre.   Please contact her about connecting! 

Her US phone numbers are :  Home (417) 771-7025   Cell: (260) 564-0943   
Email :


Family News:   
Aaron graduated from Central Christian College of the Bible. 
Permit proud parents  to boast a little.  He graduated Summa Cum Laude (2nd highest GPA), was voted by the faculty into the Delta Epsilon Chi honor society.  He w
Proud Parents ! 
as in the Honors Program, and is the first person to complete the Honors Program as Summa Cum Laude! He was a tutor, and served as the Head Tutor, worked for the college cafeteria/bookstore/maintenance departments and was youth minister at Higbee, MO.  Aaron's hard work, combined with Central Christian College of the Bible full tuition scholarship
3 Generations of Preachers!
(check it out here for any one interested), Aaron was able to graduate with only $3,000 in college loans!  Aaron will be moving to Anna, Illinois the in June where hewill be the youth minister at the First Christian Church.  Way to go Aaron!

Sharon completes MA.  Sharon completed her MA in Ministry with an emphasis in Pastoral Care from Hope International University.

Rachel accepted into Grad School Rachel will be moving to Hawaii where she will be in the MFA program at the University of Hawaii.  The University  has a specific program for using Theater for Youth.  The program is also tied in with local churches to do stage productions in the community.  Rachel's goals are to use her talents in theater and art to reach out to community and youth in ministry.  This program will help her prepare and meet that goal. Any churches/organizations looking for a talented theater director to come run your theater outreach ministry?

Kara will start her second semester junior year at Central.  She continues to lead the youth group at the Chinese Christian Church in Columbia, MO.

Michal, Nathaniel, Toby and Gabriel live and work in the Memphis, TN area.


David and Sharon Return!
Sharon teaching Christian Family 
David & Sharon spent a very quick 4 weeks in the US raising funds, packing up a house, visiting children and grandchildren (and other family), attending Aaron's graduation.  They returned to Chiang Mai on May 18 and started teaching the very next day.   David is overseeing construction and teaching (expository preaching). Sharon is teaching a course on Christian Family.  Both are covering Carmen's responsibilities while she is in the US for the next few months.  
We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.  You may click here for a Print version of this newsletter.   




The CMO Team 
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Ken & Kathy Filbeck
David & Sharon Filbeck