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June 2015
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And when the builders laid the foundation...
 Ezra 3:10

June 12, 2015:  On this date we set the corner pillar for the new classroom building on our new campus.  This ceremony is  equivalent to the setting of the cornerstone and contains cultural and religious  significance in the
Ready to set the Corner Pillar.
daily life of Thai people.  The purpose of the ceremony is to ask "Mae Thoranii" (แม่ธรณี Mother Earth) to not be upset that we are digging and otherwise tearing up her earth.  It is also a ceremony to invoke the blessings of the gods on the construction of the building. 

The people "...sang one to another in praising and giving thanks unto Jehovah.." Ezra 3:11
Thai Christians also
L-R Mike Flinchum (LTC Board Chair), Sharon Filbeck, David Filbeck (Foundation Chair), Bunsoem Saenkhamphae (LTC Board Member) pour the ceremonial first buckets of cement for the corner pillar.
have a Corner Pillar Ceremony.  But we do not invoke "Mother Earth"  Rather we give praise and thanks to the True God of the Universe.  We recognize and acknowledge before all who come witness the ceremony that God is the creator of all things. That God is the Ultimate Ruler of the Universe and that no power on earth or in the spirit realm can defeat the purpose of God.  It is also a ceremony to dedicate the building to God and to HIS purpose and glory. It is also asking God's continued blessing and protection on the construction process.  Finally it is a reminder to all of us that we should build out lives on the Corner Pillar (Cornerstone) who is Jesus Christ. Like the cornerstone, the  Corner Pillar is used as the standard for the rest of  building.  If the Pillar is not straight, the rest of the building will not be straight. The various parts of the building will not fit together. The building will be weak and may even collapse. In the same way our lives are like a building.  If Jesus is not our Corner Pillar, our lives will not be straight.  Our life will "not fit together". Our life will be weak, and may even  fall apart. 

Celebrate with us this wonderful day.  Give thanks and praise to our God who is faithful and has provided what is needed to complete this building.

Thank you to all  who have worked to make this day possible. God has blessed you, and you in turn have blessed Lanna Theological Center.  And that blessing flows outward even further to fellow believers throughout South East Asia.

Preparing and Equipping Workers for the Lord's Harvest!

The Pictures Tell the Story
David Filbeck (Foundation Chair) giving an exhortation from Ezra 3:10-13 
LTC Board Chair Mike Flinchum giving the opening prayer. 


LTC Senior, Wayu Pob, reads Ezra 3:10-13










L-R.  Student Rep. Sommit, Faculty Rep. Kanyalani, Student Rep Dee Dee, and Faculty Rep Subin pour ceremonial first buckets of cement.

LTC Board Member Mr. Bunseom Saenkhamphae prays for the safe construction of the new building. 
Professor Subin gives the closing prayer.


The ceremony was completed at 10:15.  At 10:30 the first cement truck arrived and poured the first truckload. 










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