Jan 16, 2015

Alehpa (right) leads baptism
Class Disruption!!!

The 2nd term began at LTC with some excitement.  At 1 pm on the first day of class (Tuesday, January 13) One of our students,  Alehpa, came into the office and announced there was someone outside who wanted to be baptized.  I invited him into the office to talk.  After introductions I learned that Ae was a friend to Alehpa.  Alehpa had been witnessing to Ae and praying for him for a long time.  Ae had finally come to a decision to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and wanted to be baptized that very day.
Alehpa (right) and Prof. Wanchai (left) baptize Mr. Ae.

I asked Alehpa if he was willing to continue to disciple Ae and he said yes.  So we immediately delayed the start of afternoon classes and went down to our fish pond for a baptism.  As we were walking I told Alehpa that since he was the one who brought Ae to the Lord that he should be the one to perform the baptism.  Alehpa was nervous, this would be his first baptism.  But after a quick walk through the preacher's manual, and having Professor Wanchai assisting, Alehpa baptized his friend into Christ.  What a great way to start the school term!

Pray for Ae as he grows in Christ.  Pray for Alehpa as he teaches and mentors Ae.

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LTC Chapel
Continue to pray for God's blessing as we expand our ability to train more leaders like Alehpa. Pray for the needed funding to build the classrooms and dorms needed.  Pray God sends us more men and women like Alehpa who have a heart to be servant leaders and make an impact in their churches and communities.
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