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September 2014
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Wyu and his wife Naam are seniors at Lanna Theological Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand.   

This is Naam's testimony of how God brought them to LTC......
"I know how you can fix this!"
I couldn't believe what I was hearing from my mother in law.  Just a few hours earlier we had had a terrible fight.   I was still steaming, waiting for my husband to get home so I could pour out all my anger on him.    But, there she was softly, lovingly telling me, "I think you and Wyu need to go into ministry." 


I didn't know how to answer, so I stormed off to my bedroom and waited for Wyu to return home.  
 How could she be so kind?   

I had never seen this in her before....or had I
I was a fish out of water
Immediately after getting married, my husband and I moved in with his parents.   A year later our son
Wyu doing homework in the library.
 was born. I was young and away from my family living in a Thai speaking community.  I missed my family and my Lahu way of life.   


 Wyu went to work leaving me home with baby and my mother in-law.    I didn't like my mother in-law and I was pretty sure she didn't like me.   We argued over everything.    Wyu would come home and I would pour out all my anger on him, demanding that he support me against his mother.  Both Wyu and his father were caught in the middle and soon they too were fighting. 

 I begged Wyu to take me home to my parents in the mountains.  But he didn't want to do fields.  He wanted  to stay in the city.   Things got so bad, that none us would speak or look at each other.     


It was at that point my mother  in-law took action.    

"You Need to go to Bible College!" 

Wyu preaching a senior sermon in Chapel


When Wyu came home I told him about his mother's suggestion.  I was surprised, he was interested.    We decided to talk to our pastor the next Sunday.     


 I thought Wyu would choose to attend the Lahu Bible school.  Thai is not my first language.  I feel more comfortable using our own language.  So when he said he wanted to attend a  Thai Bible school.   His reasons made sense. Thai is the language of business and education.  Young people are more fluent in Thai.    But, I was frustrated again.  


 We went to ask our pastor to pray with us.   Again, I was surprised......His response?   


       "Go!   The church will pay your tuition!"   


He told us was a Bible College just 10 kilometers from our house.   I couldn't believe how God had prepared everything.  


The decision was made.   We started at LTC the next term. 

An amazing 3 years!
Nam doing her Work Study Job 

It has been an amazing 3 years.   From the moment we decided to give our life to full time ministry, everything changed.  God began pouring out his blessings in unimaginable ways. 


The biggest blessing?   My relationship with my  mother in-law.  Today, we share a sweet friendship.    I am able to see her as she really is, a loving caring mom who wants the best for Wyu and myself.    


The second blessing is how God has provided for us financially.   The church has faithfully paid our tuition.  But, we didn't have any funds for personal expenses.  Our son needed to go to school this year.   At first, our pastor said for me to quit school and get a job.     I didn't want to quit.  I wanted to be ready to help my husband in ministry.     We told Teacher Carmen.   She said don't worry, I'll have work for you.      Because of the generosity of our Christian family in the USA, Wyu and I have Work Study jobs that provide just enough money to meet our basic needs.    What more can we ask!!!  

LTC Expansion Update
God is raising up a new generation of church planters and leaders.  We are committed to training and equipping them for Christian service in South East Asia. We are expanding the LTC campus to accomodate more students like Wyu and Naam. Tuesday February 4, was an exciting day for us.  This is the day we signed the contract with Chiang Mai Life Construction to begin construction of the first building on the new campus. 

There are still many things that have to happen before construction can actually take place. The first step is to start making the adobe blocks . This has to be completed before rainy season starts in May-June or else we will be making adobe mud pies.  While the adobe is being made we will work towards obtaining the
David and Markus Roslieb (Chiang Mai Life Construction) signing the contract to build
 building permits from the city and other authorizations from local community leaders.  Once those are obtained the foundation and roof will go up.  With the foundation and roof up the workers can lay block throughout the rains. The process is expected to take up to 12 months to complete. 

1.  Pray all permits and authorizations are granted in timely fashion
2.  Pray we can find a local supplier for the adobe dirt.
3.  Pray for the last $60,000 needed to complete the furnishing and fixtures (lights,             toilets, landscaping, etc) that are not included in the building contract.  For                   information on how to donate click here         
Needing Volunteers for the next Community of Blessing Medical Trip

The next Community of Blessing medical mission trip is August 14-23, 2014.  There are a few volunteer spots open.  For more information on the trip and to fill out the volunteer application form visit our website at
We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.  You may click here for a Print version of this newsletter.   




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