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Summer, 2014
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From the CMO President 

Lanna Theological Center faces a critical opportunity and you can help.  


Between now and the end of the year, LTC can double your gifts and have twice the impact for Christ on the lives of people all across South East Asia.   Can we count on you?


First, a bit of background:  In 2012 the Mary's Alabaster Jar Foundation gave a matching grant to towards the new campus for Lanna Theological Center.  Through your generous gift and prayers we raised $51,616. The MAJ Foundation not only met that amount but generously gave in excess of the amount raised.  In July of 2014 the time expired  for that grant.

The Good News is........
The Good News is that the MAJ Foundation has generously awarded a second grant of $200,000 with a time limit of December 31, 2014!  This second grant, if reached, will completely fund the first building of Phase 1 and will allow us to significantly increase enrollment at Lanna Theological Center.
 We are so grateful to the MAJ Foundation for their gracious generosity in helping CMO expand the ministry to reach South East Asia for Christ. 

Donate Now!

This means that the Mary Alabaster Jar Foundation will match every dollar that is donated before December 31st.   

But, every dollar that remains unmatched is like an unopened gift.  It becomes a wasted opportunity!   Will you help take advantage of this unique and timely blessing?


Your help at this time can make a huge difference in the lives of our students.  Lanna Theological Center desperately needs more space!   Many young people are ready to offer their lives for ministry, but we only have space for a limited number.    

You can make a Donation right now!  


LTC Summer News 

2014 is proving to be a year of changes for Lanna Theological Center.  


1.  Change to the Western Academic Calendar.   The Asian Economic Association begins in 2015. In preparation, Thailand ordered all higher education institutions to change to the western academic calendar.    That meant there would be a 5 month wait for the new year to start in August.   LTC decided to run a summer session for returning students.   It has been a cozy enjoyable session with the students. 

2.  New Faculty:    LTC hired two alumni, Wanchai and Bus.  Both these young men have shown tremendous leadership and maturity since they first enrolled as freshmen.   We are so glad they are a part of our team!    

3. Change to Tri-mester format:   Due the political changes that affected the visa situation for our foreign students, LTC decided to change from a 2 semester format to a trimester format.  This allows students to finish quicker which meets the  new regulations.   

 Community of Blessing Clinic Team........ January 1-9, 2015!

Broken arm child

This year we have held 2 COB Medical Clinics!   

    550  Patients came to the Medical stations

    500  Vision Exams      

         over 300 pairs of glasses distributed!


    300 Dental exams 

In the July Clinic, a family came to the clinic with a 4 month old baby with CP and serious pneumonia.  The parents had just recently come to faith out of the hope that God would heal their baby.   Carmen brought the parents and baby to the hospital in Chiang Mai.   The baby lived another month.  During that time, Carmen visited them daily, teaching and praying with them.   Many folks followed the story on Facebook and surrounded this family with prayers.  

After the baby died and the family was getting ready to leave, Carmen reminded them that they belong to a huge family and one day there was going to be a celebration in Heaven when we will all meet face to face.   The father smiled and nodded his head!      

This is one example of the blessings that happen because of the COB Clinics!  Your gift of time can open doors for God's message of Hope.  Would you consider coming?   

The next one is set for January 1-9, 2015.              

Check out the CMO website for more information! 

Filbeck Family News 

David and Sharon Filbeck


David and Sharon arrived in Thailand in May for the summer session. David taught Cross Cultural Communications and Holy Spirit.  In addition he spent lots of time mentoring our new faculty members. 

Sharon continues to work on her M.A. in Pastoral Care from Hope International University.   

They returned to the USA last week for one final semester at Central College of the Bible in Moberly, Missouri.

David and Sharon are available for speaking. Please contact them at 


Carmen Filbeck


Carmen moved into the  apartment above the LTC office in May.  She is busier than ever!  Her main focus right now is organizing and leading the changes in the new format.   Also, Carmen is putting into place a 3 year organizational development plan that will focus on helping the team make some paradigm changes.    The world is changing fast...even here in Thailand.   Technology is changing how people think and process information.  Carmen's task is to help the faculty know how to meet these new challenges. 


Carmen will be in the US this November to December.  She plans to attend the ICOM in Columbus OH November, 13-17.    She is available for speaking too.  

Contact her at


Ken and Kathy Filbeck


Ken and Kathy have moved to Hawaii and opened up the Ohana Medical  Clinic.  So, if you plan a trip to Hawaii, look them up!  


 Ken will continue to make periodic trips to Thailand for COB Clinics.   You can contact him at



We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.

Click here to download a printable version of the Summer Newsletter with these and more stories.




The Filbeck Family Team