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July, 2013
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From David & Sharon Filbeck

Sharon, Kara, and I arrived in Chiang Mai May 25.  And a week later I was in the classroom teaching my favorite courses again. Sharon began her next online course for her MA program.  Kara has been a volunteer at Philakolia Ministry helping families with HIV design and make Mulberry paper cards and gift bags to sell.


There is much to be excited about in this ministry.   We invite you to read the news and stories below and join us in giving thanks to God for HIs faithfulness.   Check out David and Sharon's blog here.


Expanding for an Explosion. 
In less than 2 years the Asian Economic Community will be launched.  The borders of 10 South East Asia countries will be open for commerce and travel.   No one really knows what the impact will be, but all agree that the possibilities for the KINGDOM are tremendous. 

To position ourselves to increase our enrollment and prepare MORE LEADERS for these new opportunities, L.T.C. has launched the SEED Project.   This stands for Seminary Expansion, Explosion, Discipleship.    

LTC was granted a $650,000 Matching Fund Grant from the Mary Alabaster Jar Foundation.   We are excited to report that in the first six months of 2013 we have raised $45,000 in matching funds.  

The front wall / gate are  completed.  Thanks to the folks from Parkview Christian Church in           Mt. Carmel, IL who helped to build the wall!  

Building designs for 2 of the 3 buildings are completed and have been submitted for our approval. Once the plans for the third building have been completed and all plans approved,  we will make the final payment to the architect.  At this point we will have used up all our current funds.

The next important stage before starting the actual building is to fill in 2.5 acres with 1 meter of fill dirt.  We need to do this now so that we can be ready to build in March of 2014.    The cost of fill in will be $41,000.  We need to raise $20,500 in matching funds to cover this next stage.
Our prayer is that once the land has been filled and has had a few months to settle, that we can begin the first building in early 2014.  Our prayer is to raise $100,000  for a total of $200,000 with the matching funds.   

With these additional buildings we will be able to increase enrollment by 40%!   You can help us!   Contact David A Filbeck at dsfilbeck@yahoo.com to learn more about this important opportunity. 

Exciting Potential in New Freshmen at LTC

2013 Freshmen
2013 Freshmen Class at LTC

L.T.C. opened it new academic year in June with a total of 12 freshmen. Our freshmen class represents a wonderful diversity of people groups.   This year we have two  non-traditional sudents, both a bit older than our usual students. 


One is an older man who immigrated from Myanmar as a young man.  After experiencing some difficulties, he came to know the Lord.  At 52 he decided to give his life to full-time service and enrolled in LTC. 


The other non-traditional student is an older woman   She is from the Muslim faith and came to know the Lord through the witness of an LTC graduate.   She is so evangelistic with others in this group that the alumni brought her to LTC to prepare for greater leadership and evangelism. 


One student is enrolled into the Bi-vocational program with Rajabat University.  She chose the Law program because she said there is a great need for Christian lawyers to help people know their rights and stand up to discrimination.       


We are really excited to watch these new students grow in faith, knowledge, and skill over the next 4 years.   And even more excited to see what they do in the years after LTC.   


You Know You've Been Around a While When........
David with his Holy Spirit Class

David A. Filbeck writes:   "I have four students in the Holy Spirit class. As we were going around the room introducing ourselves to each other one young man said his name was Santisuk (Peace) and he was from Surin Province.  We do  not normally get students from this far off province.  In addition I noticed there was something vaguely familiar about his face.   (read more about David's pleasant surprise at "You Know You've Been Around a While....." 


When you get to the blog, scroll down and you can read about situation in Laos where LTC alumni serve under the threat of persecution.   The title of that story is "In Harm's Way."    


Schedule a Personal Report from LTC

We are available to come and present the ministry of LTC for your congregation and missions committee.    


David and Sharon Filbeck



David and Sharon are living in Moberly Missouri and are available this Fall to present the needs of the SEED campaign. You can email them at dsfilbeck@yahoo.com or call at 903-806-6639. (David will be out of country until August 16, 2013 so please call after that date)  


 For more information on SEED, go to www.cmothailand.net




Carmen Filbeck


Carmen is back in the USA for 6 months speaking with supporters about the work in Thailand.  She is based in Nixa, Missouri.    You can contact her through email, CLfilbeck@gmail.com or call at 417-771-9848.   


Community of Blessing

Ken and broken arm Dr. Ken and Kathy Filbeck continue to live and work in Australia. Kathy is almost done with her Nurse Practitioner degree. 


 The next COB clinic dates are set for March 5-13 and 17-27 of 2014.  The first date is almost full.  Just 2 more positions left!  The second date is open for a group to schedule.   


We invite you to come and participate in a Clinic and see the ministry of the Christian Mission to the Orient in Thailand  


For more information, go to www.cmothailand.net/cob or contact Dr. Ken directly at kjfilbeck@yahoo.com


We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.




David & Sharon Filbeck                

Carmen Filbeck, 

Ken & Kathy Filbeck   

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