April  , 2013 

From the CMO President 

In March, LTC hosted a Homecoming celebration.   After  listening to reports from alumni, we are even more committed to persevering in preparing Leaders for the Church in SE Asia. 

Did you know,  LTC graduates minister among 13 language groups in 3 countries of SE Asia.  There are graduates who live and preach in places where persecution is a daily risk.  Others make routine outreach trips into creative access countries in the region. 

Did you know, LTC graduates are planting new churches in both rural and urban communities.   (Click here to read about one LTC alumni church planter. )

Did you know, LTC graduates are reaching out and rescuing  both girls and boys caught  in the sex-traffic trade,  providing safe havens for children from abused and dsyfunctional homes, ministering to those in prisons and providing support for newly released prisoners and the list goes on and  on. 

 In short, LTC is the staging ground for training Kingdom Workers who are spreading out across the region and impacting people's lives.    

David & Deloris Filbeck...... Pass the Torch! 

Alumni pray for DD
LTC Alumni pray for David and Deloris





































After 53 years in mission work, David and Deloris Filbeck decided to retire and return to live in the USA.   It was not an easy decision as the ministry is growing and moving  into new territory.   

But, David's doctor strongly recommended they return to the US and see about new Parkinson's treatments.   So, the decision was made. David, Deloris and their youngest daughter, Catherine, would return. 


The Filbecks will live in NIxa, Missouri.  Their phone number is 260-564-0943.    The email address remains the same;  ddfilbeck@gmail.com.    


The Ministry Continues...........

filbeck Family
Catherine, Carme, Deloris, David, David A, and Ken Filbeck
The Filbecks want to thank all the churches and individuals who have faithfully supported their ministry during  the last 53 years.  None of this could have been accomplish without your partnership!

Even though David & Deloris have retired,
the work continues and your support is still needed.  

We ask you to continue your support  of Lanna Theological Center by sending funds to P.O. Box 2363,  Joplin,  Mo.  64803.  

All funds given through David and Deloris's supporters will go directly to support LTC.

Partnership Building
Carmen Profile
Christian  Mission to the Orient values your partnership in spreading the Gospel in  Asia.    We want to help you be knowledgable with what is being done through LTC and the Community of Blessing Clinic programs.   

Carmen Filbeck will be in the USA from July to December 2013 and is available to present the ministry of CMO with your congregation, youth, missions committee, and small groups.  Carmen has a heart to inform and also to encourage Christians to grow in faith and live kingdomly.    

Carmen is available to speak and she'll even cook a Thai Dinner for your small group, youth, and friends!   You can contact her at clfilbeck@gmail.com
David & Sharon Filbeck       
David and Sharon Filbeck, currently on Home Assignment in Moberly Mo, will be in Thailand during the summer.  David is scheduled to teach 2 classes at LTC and preach as often as he can!   The senior students are thrilled he will be teaching advanced preaching. 

After they return to the USA, David and Sharon are also available to speak. David's focus is raising funds for the campus expansion. You can read more about the SEED Project at the CMO website.   

 You can contact David and Sharon at dsfilbeck@yahoo.com 
We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.   
All contributions are tax deductible.   Contributions can be made via paypal on the CMO Website




Christian Mission to the Orient Team 
David & Deloris
David & Sharon
Ken & Kathy   (Community of Blessing)