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We welcome 2016 by continuing to focus on the "3 E's" to measure City performance: efficiency, effectiveness and equity. We are recruiting now for two performance auditors to help improve the City government through our independent performance audits.
Focus on Equity: Coming to Council January 19 and February 23 - hiring practices audit and Personnel Board report
Is Berkeley's hiring system ethical, fair and equitable? Community members and Council raised concerns about equity in City hiring and promotions.  To help shed light on current conditions, we completed an independent review of hiring practices.  We investigated whether the Department of Human Resources adheres to a merit-based hiring and promotions system, and to the Equal Employment Opportunity federal and state laws and local policies that govern the City's recruitment practices.
Our audit, Use of Additional Best Practices Will Help Guard Against Misconceptions about Human Resources' Merit-Based Hiring and Promotions System, appears on the Council consent calendar on Tuesday January 19 (Item 19). We discuss strengths and weaknesses of the hiring system during 2013-2014, progress made by Human Resources since then, and our recommendations for future improvements.
The Personnel Board has also completed a report on the City's hiring practices, as requested by the City Council. Council will discuss the audit report and the Personnel Board report at a 5:30 p.m Special Meeting on February 23. Please consider attending or viewing the live webcast.
Focus on Effectiveness: Who audits the auditors? Peer Review and Payroll Audit contract on January 19 agenda
Peer review 
My office must undergo a rigorous peer review every three years. Berkeley voters approved my proposed charter change to require adherence to government auditing standards, making peer reviews mandatory. Following the standards ensures that every audit report we issue is rock-solid reliable because we demonstrate: 
  • Independence from management in appearance and in fact
  • Competence
  • Professional judgement
  • Quality control and assurance
The 2015 peer review found our office's internal control system to be in full compliance with Government Auditing Standards issued by the Comptroller General of the United States. The review identified areas in which our office excels, as well as suggestions for improvement.  Read the full report on the January 19 Council agenda (Item 40)
Auditing Payroll Audit: Scrutinizing our own work
We are asking Council to authorize a contract for a performance audit of the City of Berkeley's Payroll Audit Division activities. The Payroll Audit division of our office is responsible for management and oversight of certain centralized payroll activities. Recent changes to Government Auditing Standards specify that we cannot perform this audit ourselves. We would not be independent; we would be auditing our own work. The Standards do allow us to contract out for the work, however. It is important to me that all aspects of my office are scrutinized, and a commercial auditing firm will provide that service for the payroll function. The request for contract approval is on the January 19 consent calendar (Item 20)
We are recruiting!
Do you know someone who would like to join us in being a catalyst for improvement of City government? We have two Auditor II  positions available, with potential for future promotion to Senior Auditor. We look for auditors with at least two years of experience and the ability to think analytically, communicate persuasively, and help improve City operations. Applications, supplemental questionnaires and resumes will be accepted until Monday, February 22, 2016 at 5 p.m. through the City's website at:
Coming Soon: Effectiveness, Efficiency, Equity and Ethics...

Refuse Billing - Our recommendations will be aimed at ensuring that the City collects its due and bill customers accurately and efficiently


Reserves - We'll provide Council with information on how to plan for long-term needs by being fiscally responsible with the City's reserve balance.
Ethics - Our recommendations will improve the City's ethical climate.
 Ask us a question - send us advice - and consider a career in making Berkeley better
Thank you for your continued support for our work to help Berkeley deliver services in a more efficient, effective, and equitable way.  Please contact me at  (or at 981-6750) with your questions, comments, and ideas for the audit plan.  Tell us what you think about our last audit! I'm always happy to hear from folks who want to get more involved, and especially from anyone considering a career as a performance auditor. 
For the positions we're recruiting for now, and even for the next elected City Auditor, we look for analytical thinkers with public policy/public service interests and experience, who can successfully and objectively communicate complex issues to a diverse audience. I look forward to hearing from you and from all community members with an interest in making Berkeley programs and services more effective, efficient, and equitable.
Ann-Marie Hogan, City Auditor
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