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2016 audit plan: Reserves, Community Agencies, PR&W Repair and Maintenance
What will we audit next year?  As required by the City Charter, we notified the City Council today:

Planned Audits:
  • Reserves - We plan to look at the city's reserves and provide Council with information on how to plan for long-term needs by being fiscally responsible with the city's reserve balance.
  • Community Agencies - We plan to select community agencies to review for accountability for city grant funds and to evaluate whether their performance outcomes are in line with 2020 Vision for Berkeley's Children and Youth goals.
  • PRW Repair & Maintenance - We plan to review PRW's parks maintenance and repair schedule to identify what the department can realistically manage to complete given limited funding and whether the schedule is systematically designed for efficiency.  
  • Payroll - We plan to outsource for an internal controls audit of our payroll operations.  
  • Recurring Audits - We will plan to perform regular recurring audits of how specified revenue streams are spent.   
  • Follow up Audits - We will look back on the status of past audit recommendations

Other Potential Audits: 

  • Workforce diversity
  • Low-income housing
  • Animal services revenue opportunities
  • Employee safe driving
  • Use of volunteers for city projects and services
  • Information technology line of business experts
  • City information systems in comparison to other jurisdictions
  • Investments (deferred from 2015 audit plan)

Audits in progress: 

  • Zero Waste Billing
  • Citywide Contracts Review 
  • Ethical Climate Survey/Ethics Audit
  • Hiring practices


June 30 Budget Adoption - 7pm tonight!


Council will discuss the proposed 2016 & 2017 biennial budget (item 50) and will plan to vote on the budget tonight.







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Thank you for your continued support for our work to help Berkeley deliver services in a more efficient, effective, and equitable way.  Please contact me at  (or at 981-6750) with your questions, comments, and ideas for the audit plan. I'm always happy to hear from folks who want to get more involved, and especially from anyone considering a career as a performance auditor. I look forward to hearing from you.
Ann-Marie Hogan, City Auditor
City of Berkeley 

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