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Coming to Council on February 19 at the 7:00 PM Regular Meeting are two reports: 


City Auditor's Budget Report - Item 24
The City Auditor's Budget Report will report on our own planned budget and discuss questions Council should ask to ensure proposed citywide budget cuts do not create unacceptable risks and unintended consequences.  Read the full report


2012 Peer Review: Audit of the City of Berkeley Auditor's Office - Item 23

The 2012 peer review found our office to be in full compliance with Government Auditing Standards issued by the Comptroller General of the United States. The review identified areas in which our office excels, as well as suggestions for improvement.  Read the full report


Follow Up on Unfunded Liabilities 

Also on February 19 at the 5:30 PM Special Meeting, the City Manager will report on the City's unfunded liabilities, which were discussed in our previous Employee Benefits: Tough Decisions Ahead and Failing Streets: Time to Change Direction to Achieve Sustainability reports.  


Goldman School of Public Policy Interns are working with the City Auditor on an Introductory Policy Analysis (IPA) project to research best practices in budgeting to avoid unintended consequences and improve community priority-setting.


We currently have three performance audits in progress:


Shelter Plus Care

Objective:  Do the Housing Department's procedures and staffing ensure that Shelter Plus Care expenditures meet statutory and regulatory requirements?  


Permit Center

Objective:  Do the Planning Department's processes result in efficient and timely issuance of building permits and accurate charging and proper deposit of fees?Are the procedures over cash handling ensuring accuracy of collections and deposits? Have previous audit recommendations been addressed? 


Parks, Recreation & Waterfront Cash Handling

Objective:  Are procedures over cash handling ensuring accuracy of collections and deposits?


Calling all Berkeley residents: Want to help make Berkeley better? Community support helps identify audit issues and helps make sure City leaders take action on audits. May I call on you (or someone you know) as part of my diverse network of critical thinkers and problems solvers when an issue strikes your interest?  Read more


We appreciate your continued support for our work to help Berkeley deliver services in a more efficient, effective, and equitable way.  Please contact me at (or at 981-6750) with your questions, comments, and ideas.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Ann-Marie Hogan, City Auditor

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City Auditor Ann-Marie Hogan

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