Hardwired Timed Bypass Door Alarm with Rechargeable Battery

Shown with mortise cylinder (sold separately)

The Detex EAX-3500 is designed for applications requiring a hardwired, timed bypass alarm with rechargeable backup battery. The 100-decibel alarm will sound when someone attempts an unauthorized exit. The EAX-3500 can be temporarily bypassed for deliveries and trash removal, but cannot be left disarmed for long periods of time.

The timed bypass allows the alarm to remain bypassed for a few minutes, sounding if the door remains propped open open too long, demanding the attention of the supervisor. The alarm will automatically rearm upon door closing.

While the EAX-3500 requires magnetic door contacts and a 24V transformer, these are sold separately. Different configurations are available that include both. The EAX-3500FK flush mount kit comes with flush mount EAX-3500, flush door contacts and transformer. The EAX-3500SK surface mount kit comes with surface mount EAX-3500, surface door contacts, and transformer.

  • Allows manager to temporarily bypass the alarm, but does not allow the alarm to be turned off
  • Reminds manager to close and secure the door, minimizing door prop time
  • Forces supervisors to stay close to the propped open door, reminding the manager when they forget the back door is unsupervised too long
  • LEDs illustrate armed status and bypass time, allowing quick easy reference
  • If the task is completed quickly and door is closed prior to set bypass time, alarm will arm when the door closes

  • Hard-wired low voltage power with rechargeable battery ensures uninterrupted secure power feed
  • Maximum allowable bypass time can be factory set or field-adjusted to 5, 10, 20 or 40 minutes
  • Low battery alert
  • 100dB alarm, powered by 12-24VAC and rechargeable backup battery (included)

EAX-3500 ........................................................ $589.00 List Price
EAX-3500FK .................................................... $708.00 List Price
EAX-3500SK .................................................... $674.00 List Price



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Tech Tip     

While the EAX-3500 has a selectable bypass time (5, 10, 20 and 40 minutes), most businesses choose to select the shorter times. 5 minutes is the most popular bypass time setting.

Managers get distracted by customers, phone calls or employees. The EAX-3500 simply reminds the manager they have to monitor the door while it's open. The timed bypass is the amount of time the manager can be away from the back door, ensuring that the manager does not forget the back door is open, reminding everyone when the back door has been left unattended too long.

If more time is required, a manager can easily add more time, by simply using the authorized key and add more bypass time. If the task is completed quickly and the door is closed, the EAX-3500 will automatically rearm when the door is closed. However, if the back door is left unsupervised too long and the EAX-3500 sounds the 100dB alarm, the door must be closed first, and using the authorized key, the manager must take steps to reset the alarm and secure the door.

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