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Delayed Egress 
with Latch Retraction

Advantex EExER

The Delayed Egress With Latch Retraction (EExER) option is designed for applications where both delayed egress and remote unlocking, remote dogging, access control or an automatic operator is desired. An optional EX Exit Switch may be added for pushpad monitoring or LBM Switch for latch bolt monitoring. The alarm in the Remote Interface Module, with approximately 100dB, will sound when someone attempts to exit. The alarm will continue to sound, but the door will remain locked for 15 seconds, which deters the unauthorized exit and provides the responsible party time to respond to the alarm. The EExER is available for all Advantex exit devices.

  • All delayed egress and access control functions are implemented in the exit device. No external magnets, electric strikes, or electric trims are needed
  • Simple mounting and wiring provide quick, trouble-free and secure installation, saving time and money
  • Easy-to-operate with visual and audible arming indicators
  • Required fire alarm input provides life safety override for immediate exit during a fire emergency

  • Heavy-duty, Grade 1 exit device stands up to extreme high traffic conditions
  • 100dB alarm demands attention, even in noisy environments
  • Wall mounted remote interface module with red/green LEDs provide visual arming indication

Advantex EExER ........................... Add $2,295.00 List Price*

*To add an electrified option to any exit device, add the price of the electrified option to the price of the exit device. The EExER option is available on all Advantex exit devices.



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Tech Tip     

There are three ways to use a rim cylinder as outside keyed access with Detex exit devices.
  • Standard rim cylinder
  • The Detex Cylinder Bracket (CBK)
  • The Detex Cylinder Anchor (03CAK)

Installing a Rim Cylinder

For applications where a full size trim is not desired, Detex exit devices can support a simple rim cylinder with a pull by others.

Mount the Detex backplate as shown in the directions, mark your cylinder hole and screw holes. Remove the Detex backplate, then drill the holes. Install the rim cylinder as normal. After the rim cylinder has been installed and secured, install the backplate. You will have to cut the cylinder tailpiece to fit into the backplate cam, being careful that the rim cylinder tailpiece does not protrude past the Detex mounting backplate. (see illustration below)

Correct and incorrect ways to cut the tailpiece
To prevent operation failure, tailpiece cannot project past the backplate cam


Installing the CBK

The Cylinder Bracket Kit (CBK) includes a spring-loaded tailpiece, which is designed to automatically adjust to the door thickness. Install the Detex backplate as instructed.

You will have to cut the rim cylinder tailpiece so the cylinder bracket can sit flush against the back of the pull or plate supplied by Detex or supplied by others. with the tailpiece inserted into the spring-loaded assembly.

All this will have to be done outside the door. Prep the pull side of the door by drilling a hole large enough that the Cylinder Bracket can be inserted. Once it is in the door, ensure the spring-loaded tailpiece engages the mounting backplate and attach the pull or plate to the door.

Please note the Cylinder Bracket kit REQUIRES a trim side plate. The plate will need to be bolted to the door to prevent tampering.

Assemble the Cylinder Bracket Kit with rim cylinder and attach it all to the pull or plate per the CBK instructions.

Installing the CAK
Available with 60 Series Narrow 
Concealed Vertical Rod devices only

The Cylinder Anchor Kit (CAK) is designed basically to move the Rim Cylinder Plate from between the door and the backplate to the inside of the door. It is designed for applications in which the rim cylinder cannot sit flush against the pull side of the door like it can in the rim cylinder installation.

The CAK is not able to be used with a spring-loaded tailpiece, so you will have to cut the tailpiece to fit into the backplate cam, but not extend past. (see illustration below)

The Cylinder Anchor must be screwed into the rim cylinder, then the top and bottom screw holes are what will be screwed into from the backplate to hold the Cylinder Anchor, trim, and cylinder in the door.

Please note, the CAK requires either a cylinder collar or a trim like the Detex 03R.

Correct and incorrect ways to cut the tailpiece
To prevent operation failure, tailpiece cannot project past the backplate cam


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