GCS ProxiPen 

The ProxiPen is the total solution for your guard tour verification requirements and other data collection tasks. The ProxiPen's data points are Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, which the ProxiPen senses and reads automatically whenever they come into its reading range.

  • The ProxiPen can read RFID tags even if they are wet, frosty, dirty, greasy or painted over
  • Low power consumption - requires one "AA" commercial alkaline lithium or rechargeable battery that can be replaced by user without any special tools
  • High memory capacity of 4,063 readings - can be used for long periods in the field without the need for frequent downloading
  • Easy to use; no external controls
  • Compact, lightweight and simple to operate
  • Tough waterproof polycarbonate housing
  • Resists heat, shock and hydrocarbons
  • Provides visible and audible indications to confirm information has been read

ProxiPen Kit
The ProxiPen Kit includes everything you need to quickly and easily set up a complete guard tour system that features the innovative ProxiPen and user-friendly TopGuard Patrol/PLUS communication and reporting software.


For a live product demonstration


Come see us at NFM&T March 10-12, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland in booth #2444.



Guard Tour Software Support Agreement     


Detex Guard Tour products are new to many of our resellers, who consequently may be reluctant to promote and sell products that might create unpredictable support requirements. To help overcome that reluctance, Detex offers software support agreements for our products that include end user-installed software, including our access control products.


Customers who purchase a Detex guard tour system are entitled to assistance from factory Technical Support with one software support incident at no charge; they often avail themselves of this opportunity during the set-up of the system. If additional support is needed, the Software Support Agreement for the TopGuard Patrol software (Part Number 105810) provides unlimited phone/e-mail support and software upgrades for a period of one year for $99.00.


More information is available at the Guard Tour Support Center on our website, along with a number of additional resources that you or your customer may find useful. We recommend that you bundle the Software Support Agreement with every Detex guard tour system you sell.



Tech Tip     


The earliest ProxiPen kits that were sold included PenDTUs that were only USB 1.0 compatible; these are identified by serial numbers 00002776 and lower. Serial numbers beginning with 00002780 and later are USB 2.0 compatible.


Occasionally an end user with a USB 1.0-compatible PenDTU upgrades to a 64-bit PC, and cannot get the PenDTU to connect, even with the correct drivers installed. This is because the older PenDTUs cannot work with 64-bit Windows. When this is the case, the error message is generally "This device cannot start (Code 10)." The end user needs one of the newer PenDTUs.


So if you are contacted by a customer needing a TGP software upgrade, you should also ask them to give you the serial number from their PenDTU. If they are moving to 64-bit Windows, and their serial number is earlier than 00002776, they will also need to upgrade the PenDTU.


For these end users, we are offering a discounted price of $249.00* (with a 20-percent distributor discount) on a new PenDTU (part number GCS-PP-DTU) when ordered along with the software upgrade (part number 105810).


*Price good through December 31, 2015

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