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It's Electric ... Latch Retraction

The Electric Latch Retraction (ER) function is designed for entrance and exit doors with panic or fire exit hardware where remote unlocking, remote dogging, access control or automatic door operator is desired. An optional EX switch may be added for pushpad monitoring, and an optional LX switch may be added for latch bolt monitoring.

Electric Latch Retraction requires a power supply (sold separately). Detex has many power supplies available that will work with Electric Latch Retraction:
  • 81-800: Power supply for single door
  • 82-800: Power supply for pair of doors
  • 83-800: Power supply for two independent doors
Electric Latch Retraction is available with all Advantex and Value Series exit devices.

Electric Latch Retraction .... $899.00 Added To Exit Device List Price
81-800 Power Supply ......... $829.00 List Price
82-800 Power Supply ......... $1,012.00 List Price
83-800 Power Supply ......... $1,189.00 List Price

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Tech Tip

The Detex Electric Latch Retraction (ER) device requires 1.5 amps to retract the latch. In order to power a Detex Electric Latch Retraction device, a power supply must provide a filtered and regulated voltage of at least 24VDC and no more than 28VDC. Detex recommends using a Detex power supply to power the device. 


However, if an alternative power supply is desired, it must be filtered and regulated and have at least 2 amps for each exit device being powered. Alternative power supplies should be preapproved by Detex.


Powering Detex latch retraction exit devices with other power supplies described above will not void the manufactures warranty. However, failure to power Detex exit devices properly can void the warranty. Warranty replacement is determined by Detex following inspection of the exit devices and power supply. 


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