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ACDxE5000 EasyKit

Detex offers various Kaba Access Trims, integrated with Advantex Exit Devices.  Just call Detex and inquire about various options for your application.  The ACDxE5000 EasyKit consists of UL-Listed panic hardware combined with the Kaba E5000 exit trim, and offers industry-proven life safety and security hardware for high-use, high-abuse doors with a cost-effective access control solution.
  • Cost-effective access control with panic hardware in one easy-to-install kit
  • Pin code can be changed in seconds
  • No keys or cards to manage
  • Audit trail provides additional security management
  • Tough and durable design for years of trouble-free service in high-use, high-abuse environments
  • E5000 features cast stainless steel internal drive parts
  • Non-handed
  • Field sizeable Detex panic device
  • Up to 100 access codes
  • Weatherproof trim requires no outside gasket



Tech Tip     


When a battery-powered lever trim, such as the Kaba E5000, is used, the battery pack is generally mounted on the push side of the door, usually right above the head of the panic device. With a rim device, this isn't a problem because the battery pack can be mounted above the head of the device.




However, when a surface vertical rod device is used, the battery pack can't be mounted on the push side of the door as it will interfere with the rods. In instances like this, Detex recommends using trim products, such as the Kaba E-Plex 2000, that allow the battery pack to be mounted on the pull side of the door.

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