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VRA-143 - Vertical Rod Assemblies 



A Vertical Rod Assembly (VRA) is used with a Detex Exit Control Lock (ECL-230D) to provide exit control security on an outswinging double door. In addition it may be used on a single door installation to provide top and bottom latching instead of the single point latching provided by the Exit Control Lock itself.



  • 2 point locking provides extra security
  • Surface applied - no mortise required for easy installation
  • Automatically released when the 230D device is activated
  • Heavy duty 3/8" diameter bolts
  • Non-handed
  • Sizes accommodate 80" to 120" doors


Detex has vertical rod assemblies available for different door configurations.


Active leaf opens both doors



Active leaf opens first.
Inactive leaf remains secure until ECL-230D is activated.
*Also includes closed back strike for use with the ECL-230D on the Active leaf*



Each leaf acts independently of each other.



VRA-143B .......................... $418.00 List Price
Includes one Vertical Rod Assembly for active leaf and two overlapping plates for inactive leaf.

VRA-143C .......................... $418.00 List Price
Includes one Vertical Rod Assembly for inactive leaf.

VRA-143D .......................... $844.00 List Price

Includes two Vertical Rod Assemblies, one for each leaf.



**ECL-230D Sold Separately**




Tech Tip     


The most common use of VRA-143 configuration is the Type B application.  This installation mounts the ECL-230D and VRA-143 on the same leaf with overlapping plates on the inactive leaf.  Pushing on the ECL-230D located on the active leaf, unlocks both doors.


The Type C application replaces the overlapping plates with an ECL-230D and allows this door to be used as a standard door including outside key control. Pushing on the ECL-230D located on the active leaf unlocks only the active leaf.  Pushing on the ECL-230D located on the inactive leaf unlocks both leafs


The Type D application makes both doors independent.


The Type does not matter, the operation of the VRA functions the same.  The rods are spring loaded and always retract.  In order to extend the rods, the T handle needs to be turned.  While holding the rods extended with the T-Handle, insert the key in the ECL-230D and turn the key clockwise 360 degrees.  The ECL-230D dead bolt will now hold the rods extended.

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