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The Detex EAX-2500 is designed for applications requiring a hardwired AC/DC alarm on secure doors. The alarm will sound when someone attempts an unauthorized exit. The EAX-2500, with its smaller size is designed to fit in a standard 4" x 4" outlet box and makes it the choice for quick and easy installations on emergency exit and restricted doors. Available as both surface and flush mount.



  • Field selectable features allow customer to choose status indicators and auto rearm options 
  • 100dB piezo horn provides security for restricted doors
  • Easy to install using ordinary tools to save time and money
  • New graphics on cover are easy to understand and make key operation simple
  • Available in either gray or black to blend in with any decor
  • Patented cam assembly automatically adjusts for different size cylinders without spacers
  • Inside Key Control uses mortise cylinder with standard Yale cam - no cylinder collar required
  • AC/DC hardwired power with optional 9VDC backup battery
  • Low battery alert and silent arming feature are both field selectable
  • Tamper resistant housing and cover protects electronics
  • Extended bypass allows alarm to remain silenced when door is open and automatically rearm upon closing of door
  • Relay output for signaling external accessories
  • Wall mounted - does not swing with the door
  • Available as surface or flush mounted
  • Monitors single or double doors


Complete kits available
  • EAX-2500FK1 - Complete kit contains alarm, warning sign, flush back box, flush magnetic switch, 24VAC transformer and 9V Battery/Backup
  • EAX-2500SK1 - Complete kit contains alarm, warning sign, surface back box, surface magnetic switch, 24VAC transformer and 9V Battery/Backup



EAX-2500F Flush Mount Alarm .......... $420.00 list price
EAX-2500FK1 Flush Mount Kit ............ $519.00 list price
EAX-2500S Surface Mount Alarm ....... $420.00 list price
EAX-2500SK1 Surface Mount Kit ......... $536.00 list price



Tech Tip     


The EAX-2500 does not have a cover lock, but rather uses a tamper switch to guard against tampering.  To replace the battery or service the EAX-2500, the alarm must be disarmed with the key, prior to removing the cover.  If anyone attempts to remove the cover while the alarm is armed, the unit will sound alerting those nearby that someone is tampering with the alarm.


The cover screws are 2 1/8" long and are required to hold the tamper plunger lever to the rear. If you have the faceplate removed while servicing the alarm, you must push the tamper plunger lever to the rear away from the faceplate before arming the EAX-2500 or the alarm will sound. One of the most common troubleshooting calls regarding the EAX-2500 is the report of false alarms and the most typical resolution to this problem is the tamper plunger lever not being held in the correct position.


Only hand tighten the cover screws. If you use a power driver and over torque the cover screws, you may warp the faceplate and adversely affect operation.


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