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Access Control With Tracking Ability


The DTX-4000 Series Access Controls provide a flexible and affordable choice for multi-door access systems.


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DTX-4100 Series

DTX-4103xUSB shown


The DTX-4100 Series is a multi-door access system with software that is powerful and easy to install and program for small to mid-sized applications.



  • Affordable multi-door security application in new or existing structures
  • Fast and reliable communications
  • Multi-user capabilities
  • Flexible programming capability
  • Easy installation


  • Supports 2000 users per door
  • Can network up to 16 doors
  • Single gang flush mount design
  • Several keypads available: Backlit hardened keys, durable metal keys, or mullion mount backlit keys
  • Key press feedback via sounder and yellow LED
  • Built-in assignable sounder
  • Indoor/outdoor use


DTX-4300 Series
 DTX-4302xUSB shown
The DTX-4300 Series is a fully integrated PC managed multi-door access system with a proximity reader and keypad. When used on its own, it provides standard access control functionality with the use of its two relays and two inputs for request to exit and door position, and enhanced system functionality when used with Hub Manager Professional software. The proximity reader is capable of being mounted up to a maximum of 10 feet away from the DTX-4300.
  • Can support up to 2000 users
  • Bi-color LED to indicate operation
  • Weather resistant design
  • Fits over a single gang electrical box
  • Remote proximity reader mounting and glass mount option
**Pricing on all DTX-4000 Series systems varies based on device, design, number of doors, and interface connection**






Tech Tip     


When using an access control system or automatic operator to trigger another component, such as an electric strike or electromagnetic lock, Detex suggests installing a diode.  Electric strikes and electromagnetic locks can experience a "discharge kickback" that can damage the automatic operator or other power source.  Electric Strikes and electromagnetic locks typically include a diode for just this purpose, but it must be installed to prevent the discharge from causing service related issues.  Keep this in mind the next time you install an electric strike or magnetic lock.


For more application questions, call:

Detex technical support at 800-729-3839, ext. 2.
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