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The AOD EasyKits provide a pre-wired Automatic Operated Door system. Ideal ADA access at healthcare facilities, assisted living homes, main public entrances, places of worship, convention

centers, sports arenas and any location requiring low energy, automatic operated doors with an exit device. The AOD EasyKit includes the Advantex Latch Retraction exit device, and the AO19 low energy door operator, with a built-in, pre-wired power supply.



Low Energy Automatic Door, Latch Retraction Exit Device with Power Supply for RHR/LH/AL Push, Single Door

$7,107.00 List Price


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AO19 Installation Video



Tech Tip     


When ordering any automatic door operator, it is important to know all the details about the door opening before contacting Detex. Knowing the size, color and especially the handing, can save time and money, helping to ensure the correct product is ordered and delivered. Detex has developed an online form that provides all the options, as well as illustrations to help insure that the chosen operator is the correct product for your particular door application. Next time you are ordering an AO19 or any automatic door operator, use this helpful guide, as it might just save some time, money and unnecessary frustration.


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For more application questions, call:
Detex technical support at 800-729-3839, ext. 2.

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