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The DTX-2100 keypad uses hardened backlit keys and the DTX-2110 uses metal Braille alpha-numeric keys to ensure long-term durability and high-quality performance. DTX-2100/2110 keypads are designed for both indoor and outdoor surface/flush mount applications. The DTX-2120 mounts directly to mullion door frames or most flat surfaces with no backbox required. The convenience of the built-in doorbell feature on the DTX-2120 with the sleek design make it an easy choice for entrance installations. The electronics for each keypad are conformal coated in order to provide excellent protection from the elements.




Backlit Hardened Keypad



  • Can support up to 500 users on one keypad
  • Polycarbonate Trim
  • Light/Medium duty 
  • Built-In assignable sounder 
  • Bi-Color Red/Green LED Indicates Relay Status






Durable Metal Keypad with Braille



  • Can support up to 500 users on one keypad
  • Brushed metal trim
  • Harsh conditions/Heavy duty
  • Key press feedback via sounder and yellow LED
  • Keypad programmable
  • Bi-Color Red/Green LED Indicates Relay Status 





Mullion Mount Backlit Keypad


  • Can support up to 120 users on one keypad
  • Surface mount - fits on door mullion
  • Backlit hardened keys
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Light/Medium duty
  • Door position monitoring
  • Door ajar, forced door, alarm shunt outputs





$448.00 List Price


$619.00 List Price
$767.00 List Price







Single Door Stand Alone Proximity Reader/Keypad


The DTX-2300 is a stand alone single door access control with a proximity reader and keypad. The DTX-2300, when used on it's own, provides cost effective standard access control functionality with the use of it's two relays and two inputs for request to exit and door position. The proximity reader is capable of being mounted up to a maximum of 10 feet away from the DTX-2300.

  • Both a proximity reader and keypad
  • Bi-color LED indicates operation
  • Can serve up to 2000 users
  • HID 26-40 bit format card compatibility
  • Uses 12VDC power

See the catalog page for the DTX-2300 




$658.00 List Price



Tech Tip     



The DTX-2300 can be installed in various configurations.  For a more Secure Installation (or two-stage configuration), the 2300 can be installed on the secure side of the door (inside) and using a built in antenna, allows the card reader to be mounted on the exterior side of the door. The Secure Installation can help prevent vandalism, allowing wires only on the interior, protected from the elements and vandals. A push button can be added to the keypad portion to provide a Request To Exit function to the reader. 




For more application questions, call:

Detex technical support at 800-729-3839, ext. 2.
Contact Detex Sales at 1-800-729-3839 or your local representative for more information


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